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  • How to set up the Revolution Slider on Shopify

    Revolution slider is one of the most popular image slider apps most popularly used for WordPress. The good news is, it is now available for setting in Shopify, one of the largest E-commerce platforms popular worldwide....

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  • 6 UI Design Tips That Ensure App Success

    More than 4 million apps reside in the mobile market, with hardly any that can boast of being unique and exceptional. In a scenario like this, how will your app survive in the market? How will your application get a competitive advantage?...

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  • 5 Ways Web Design Impacts Customer Experience

    Web design is one of the most important parts of any Internet marketing strategy. It has a huge impact on the digital customer experience in several different ways. Your site’s aesthetics, usability, any other crucial factors are essential.......

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  • UX (user experience) is all the negative and positive feelings experienced by individual users when they use any web applications. It allows website owners to provide a seamless browsing experience to visitors and encourage them.....

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