The most productive website UI Improvement tips

The most productive website UI Improvement tips

All of us like to go for shopping as viewing new commodities is always an exciting experience. Would you venture into a shop that is unclean and the products are arranged in a haphazard manner? It is obvious that we would not do us because all of us prefer things to be arranged in an organized manner. The same impact is created by a quality website UI (User Experience). Customers prefer websites with easy features and a clean user experience. If the user experience is not up to the mark, people would deviate away from the website. The success of a website depends on multiple components and user experience is one of the important ones. It is not possible to attain website success if the website lacks quality user experience as the traffic count depends on it. Hence, to improve the traffic count, a quality user experience is mandatory.

Why is a simple UI important?

When people browse the internet to purchase products and service, they have one simple approach and that is to buy what they needed in the quickest manner. Even they prefer spending time on a website; they prefer the content and layout to be simple. This is the reason why websites designed with advanced technological approach do not work that well. The reason is that a high percentage of people have trouble using them. They get frustrated and exit the website.

  • Generating business is the core purpose of building a website so if you are not doing that successfully, there is a problem with the approach. Lack of a quality UI can be a reason. People prefer website options to be constructed in a simple manner. Consider an example. Customers who wish to buy a pair of jeans online. The first thing would be to survey different websites offering jeans as a product. It is obvious that buyers would not go through each website and only the best ones would be selected. People reject websites with poor user experience.

UI improvement tips

It is good to realize that your website is lacking a quality user experience in due course of time. This helps you in making improvements without delays. User experience acts as the interface for the people who browse your website. It is similar to the packaging of a product. People do not opt for products that do not have an impressive packaging. Similarly, they avoid websites with an easy to user interface.

Given below are some incredible ways to improve website UI

  1. Maintain a simple interface

        What do users prefer in terms of website UI? In an overall manner, simplicity is         the key. If the interface of the website has been designed in a simple manner,         you can be sure that people would be attracted and the traffic count would be         high. This is because people would not find it hard to use options. It is hard to         get best business results if the layout of the website is complicated. This is         because time is needed to understand it and most people lack patience. They         prefer an easy to use interface so that the required information can be viewed         in an easy manner.

  • Serious online buyers take their time and check different aspects when they are buying things. You cannot expect someone to spend money until that person had read things inside out. For instance, if you have a potential customer, he would read the product features, pricing and other details before he takes a decision about the suitability of the product. If sufficient information is not available or the display is complicated, he would look for another websites. These days, with so many options available, people do not run out of options. In addition to that, the website interface matters to them.

  • 2.An organized hierarchy 

        Does your website have a well drafted hierarchy? Can people move from one         page to the other or between pages without hardships? You need to have the         answers to these questions. When you enter a building for the first time,         it is always good to have a location map so that moving from one point to the         other becomes easier and a lot more convenient.

  • In case of a new website, you need to know about the hierarchy of pages. New visitors waste precious time on searching for different features and pages. Providing a sitemap is a beneficial move and it saves time for them as well. A sitemap defines the arrangement and order of web pages. For instance, if the product page comes after the home page, this sequence would be mentioned in the sitemap in a diagrammatic form. The user can simply view it and determine the direction which he wants to move in.
  • Absence of a sitemap makes it hard for the user to view when he wants to. For instance, every user would not want to view the home page of the website. Some people are only interested in viewing the product line of the brand to save time. We can take the example of a person who wants to buy daily groceries online. Such a consumer would not want to know a lot about the history of the online mart. He would simply jump to the product page and see whether the desired product is available or not. This would save his time.

    3. A colour scheme that is soothing 

        An online visitor would never be irritated with the display of your website         because that is when he starts considering other options. One of these         instances is when a very sharp penetrating colour scheme has been used. The         first thing a user would do is close the web page. Other than that, he would try         not to visit the website again.

  • Ideally, the colour scheme of the website should be soothing for the user. You should use soft shades so that the user can look at the screen consistently without getting agitated. This does happen when users have to view sharp shades. Hence, website owners should be sure that they are choosing the correct colour schemes for their websites. You can use rgb to hex converter to get desired colour scheme.
  • You need to understand that the user would take time before deciding about buying or not buying a product. An inappropriate colour scheme would make it hard for the user to view the screen consistently and focus on it as well. Along with the colour scheme, the choice of font style makes a lot of difference as well.

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