The Role Of UX Writing In Digital Marketing

The Role Of UX Writing In Digital Marketing

Your business may never grow without satisfied customers. Even if you have great digital marketing strategies, your efforts may become unfruitful if your target market can't have a great experience. That's why integrating User Experience (UX) writing into your digital marketing is essential. And when done right, you can provide a great user experience.

What Is UX Writing?

Whether your digital products are in mobile apps, websites, and other platforms, the crafted texts in their interface are called UX writing. If you're familiar with a copy in traditional publishing, then the text in UX writing is similar to that.

However, what you need to know is that copywriting and UX writing have different purposes. The overall goal of UX writing is intuitive in a manner as it helps users throughout the interface. On the other hand, copywriting aims to sell the product or service.

Content Writing Vs. UX Writing

Likewise, UX and Content Writing are also different from each other. Here are their differences:

1. Purpose

Aside from guiding consumers, UX writing also aims to make consumers enjoy the service or product by knowing how to use or understand them. To achieve such, a UX writer needs to understand the consumers' difficulty when using the service or product. Then, the UX writer will make the user experience engaging based on the data collected and analyzed.

On the other hand, content writing is about selling, convincing, educating, or informing consumers about the service or product.

2. Type Of Data Used

While both writings are data-driven, UX writing relies on data like user satisfaction, frequency of usage, and ease of use on the product since it aims to deliver a great user experience. As for content writing, it uses conversions, bounces, clicks, and time spent on the page content.

Moreover, the UX writer also needs to have an in-depth understanding of the technology used in the product, not only about the service or product. That way, they can better explain to the users the functionality and usability of such. Since content writers only create promotional writeups, they only then need to focus on understanding the product.

3. Collaboration

To have better integrated data into the product experience, the UX writer needs to collaborate with marketing, legal, development, design, strategy, and business teams. Meanwhile, in content writing, the writers only need to cooperate with the marketing and designing team.

4. Creation

Since product development has to have functionality right from the start, UX writing is essential from the beginning stage. However, content writing only occurs after the product has been developed or designed.

Role Of UX Writing In Digital Marketing

To elaborate more on the importance of UX writing in your digital marketing campaigns, here are some of its roles to encourage you:

1. UX Writing Aims To Satisfy Customers

As mentioned, your business may either break or grow depending on how satisfied your customers are. When you improve your customer's experience, you have the potential to increase their satisfaction. And when they always get a great user experience, customers are more likely to do business with you again.

Not only are they becoming your repeat customers, but they can also invite their friends and other potential customers. Whether they experience good or bad user experience, more consumers are now sharing their experience on social media. Imagine what will happen if they're not satisfied and post their feedback.

That's why UX writing is a vital part of your digital marketing to make their user experience seamless. For instance, if UX writing is concise, simple, and speaks the customer's language, then the user will probably understand how to navigate the product. On the other hand, if the UX writing is challenging to understand because it's full of jargon, the customers aren’t likely to continue using the product.

Thus, you may want to use 'Click to Download' rather than 'The Download Button has to be clicked' for apps or websites. Also, consider reducing the time your consumers need to decide so they won't get frustrated. Instead of saying 'Yes or No,' say, 'Delete or Cancel.' That way, you're helping decide in an instant.

The Role Of UX Writing In Digital Marketing

2. Helps Make Marketing Messages Clear

As you can see from the examples above, the messages are clear and concise; no jargon or around the bush writing. And that's what UX writing is all about: making marketing messages clear. That way, users can easily understand what the product is all about, what they need to do to get what they want, and the like.

Since the overall purpose of digital marketing is to sell your products or services, UX writing should then lead the users to do so. They're not in for a treasure hunt, so your UX writing shouldn't be a riddle. When you keep letting your users think about what they should do, they're more likely to find other similar products or services that they can easily understand.

Thus, you may want to do the following to make your digital marketing message clear with UX writing:

  • Your UX writing should motivate the users to make an action, instructions on what they should do, and feedback after they make an action. Thus, you may need to have contextual tooltips and help, error messages, instructions, onboarding text, and checkout pages.
  • You also have to focus on the users; thus, you need to have useful, concise, and jargon-free messages. Here's an example of showing clear, concise, and useful UX writing when your user needs to access your app or website:

            Clear, Concise, Useful: 'Wrong Password, Try Again, Recover Password'

            Avoid Being Unclear: 'Failure, an authentication error has occurred'

  • Or ask the following questions to weigh if your UX writing is clear:

            Does the copy encourage the users?

            Does it inform them of the user's actions, whether they did it correctly or incorrectly?

            Does it inform users what will happen?

            Does it tell the users why they need to take action?

            Does it tell them what to do?

            Does it explain briefly what something means?

3. Connects Content And Design

Another role of UX writing is bridging the gap between design and content. UX design aims to make a product stunning through its visual hierarchy, typography, graphics, and color. However, design shouldn't be the only ingredient to create a product appealing; words do matter, too.

Instead, UX writing can support the design by appealing to users. You can use UX writing to resonate with the target market of your production team. UX writing will help your production to use insights from the feedback of customers. Remember that UX writing uses consumers' difficulties to improve the product.

For instance, your product team will use compelling calls to action from a UX writer rather than making a button brighter or bigger. That way, they can solve the problem of the users' difficulty in registering on your app. Sometimes, it's not all about graphics, but words can do magic as well.


UX writing has evolved not only to provide simple guidance and direction for your users but provides your marketing with a stronger appeal through emotion-centric writing. Moreover, since UX writing core is precise and purpose-driven, it allows your customers to access your platform's key features efficiently. Hence, it's high time you invest in UX writing to help your company keep up with the challenging digital market.

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