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How to set up the Revolution Slider on Shopify

How to set up the Revolution Slider on Shopify

Sahzadi Sarah 2473 15-Sep-2019

Revolution slider is one of the most popular image slider apps most popularly used for WordPress. The good news is, it is now available for setting in Shopify, one of the largest E-commerce platforms popular worldwide. For creating a Slider, Carousel, Hero Image or Video Scene, you can use this slider app on Shopify.

This Revolution Slider is an image slider app with a massive 85% 5-star ratings. While making sliders, a developer can create image sliders and carousels, featured posts sliders, social media feeds, media galleries, and hero blocks and front pages.

Furthermore, with slider revolution will allow a developer to pull the sliders content from social media streams like custom-built content, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Instagram, etc.

Although user-friendly, the setting of Slider Revolution app in Shopify is not the same as setting it in WordPress. In case if you want to set up this image slider app on an e-commerce site on Shopify, you need to follow a few interrelated steps.

The installation path of this app for Shopify will be a consistent process that

  1.  starts with depth configuration,
  2.  then you need to click on “Go to” admin,
  3.  Tap on the customized slider and whole modification is done by the app revolution slider.

However, at the time of setting, you need to take in mind:

  •  You may adjust and modify the location of the navigation elements
  •  This option may impact and regulate how the slider will look on the website.
  •  You can paste the link or may assign certain products to the current slide.
  •  You can control the slide into position. You may modify the color of the slider information.
  •  You may use the custom slider HTML if you need it.
  •  Under this advanced installation section, you may hide or show navigation basics and modify their positions.

How to Set Up Your First Slider


  •  After installing and initiating the Slider revolution app, you’ll be redirected to the Slider Revolution as well as the Slider Revolution menu screen.
  •  To start building the first slider, click on the “New Slider tab”.
  •  Now, the best quality of content you’d like to display on your slider is ready, which you can choose from your posts, images, social media, etc.
  •  To create an image slider, you have to select the “Default Slider”.

Step- 2

 Now you have to enter your slider’s title and a unique shortcode.

You must complete Step -2 first and click on save before you add your images or doing anything else, or your settings will go in vain.

After that, you'll be transported to another page. Don’t worry; you can go back and edit the other settings later if you indicate.

In the Slide Editor, there’s already a slide added for you, but you can check that it’s empty.


Select Main / Background Image to add an image to this slide. Then click “Change Image” to upload or select an image from the media library.

In Shopify, there is an extensive amount of options for editing your slide, totaling animations and layers, etc.

You may add more images by clicking “Add Slide” at the top of the app page. To display your slider, just use the shortcode shown as displayed on the settings page.


Completing set up of Slider Revolution app on Shopify is not an extensive process. There is customer care support from this app developer also which users can avail if needed.

Updated 15-Sep-2021
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