5 Deadly Mistakes That Can Increase Bounce Rate

Some of you might be wondering what is a bounce rate?  

Bounce rate is the percentage of people leaving your website after visiting only one page. It means someone clicked the back button after visiting a single page or in a worse scenario exit the browser. It is worse than cart abandonment. The bounce rate can be determined by dividing the single-page visits by the total number of website visits.  

The average bounce rate on an ecommerce website is 45%. Anything above 60% is really bad news for an ecommerce website. High bounce rate has two major drastic effects on your online business.  

The customer didn’t purchase anything from the website as you were unable to convince him.

High bounce rate affects the ranking of your website drastically. When a visitor leaves the website after visiting a single page, Google takes a serious notice and demotes the domain.

That’s a one-two punch that can kill practically any ecommerce store. Below are some major mistakes that increase your bounce rate: 

Slow Page Speed:

Time is the greatest resource of the modern era. With all the hustle and bustle people are not willing to spend more than a few seconds on your website. Online customers wait less than 10 seconds for a website to load, especially if they are using mobile. The delay of a single second reduces the conversion by 7%. Furthermore, 70% of online users acknowledge that page speed influences their buying decision.

High-quality images and videos are very important for traffic generation but you can not ignore the size of these files. They affect the page speed directly. So, consider optimizing video and images files to increase page loading speed.  

Not Compatible For Mobile:

Most of the ecommerce sales come from mobile users. People use the internet on their mobiles because it gives them mobility and ease of access. It is very important for a website to be responsive if you want to increase the CRO and decrease the bounce rate. Stats show that the abandonment rate increases rapidly if your website does not work properly on a small screen.

Lack of Website Optimization:

Website optimization is the most important thing after page speed. The content on your website is the main barrier between a prospect and a customer. The common mistake made by ecommerce business owners is not knowing how much content is enough. The content on most of the websites is either too much confusion for the customer or too less that people don’t know how to navigate.

A clear CTA is very essential if you want to decrease your bounce rate. Proper display of reviews and pricing along with precise and decisive description is very important. Some vendors hide price from the users to increase the stay of customers in their online store. This creates a very bad impact on the customer. 

Misleading tags and titles create ambiguity in the mind of the customer. Bad backlinks can be a major issue. Regular inspection of the website for links that are not working is vital. Don’t hide reviews of the customers. 77.3% of customers confessed that reviews influence their decision to make a purchase.  

Missing Security Badges:

Customers have numerous reasons not to give their personal and credit card information so you must convince them with security badges. More than 70% of people abandon a shopping cart because they are reluctant to give their credit card information. If you want to earn the loyalty and trust of the online customer display as many security badges as you can. Display them on the product pages, checkout pages and across the entire website wherever necessary.

Check Out Your Checkout:

Check out pages are very crucial for the conversion rate. Most of the people leave a checkout page without making a purchase because the checkout process is very complicated. 11% of online buyers abandon the cart because the checkout process was very complex. The more hidden you make necessary components of the buying process, the quicker people will leave your website and buy from competitors. Your goal should be to make the user experience as much clear and simple as possible.


It is never too late to test the optimization of your landing pages. AB testing is a very good technique to test the working of your website. If you need help with ecommerce website maintenance, there are many website agencies are always ready to fulfill your needs.

If you want to run a successful ecommerce business you can not ignore the importance of user experience. In online business, you are making a relationship with the customer before making a sale. Factors like slow page loading speed, confusing content, faulty links, long and tiring checkout process are the real roadblocks in your way to success. Attractive and simple product pages with clear CTAs are the key to increase your purchase.  

Last updated:7/17/2019 3:15:38 AM


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