Oracle Data Integrator University Training

Oracle Data Integrator University Training

You get many benefits by Investing in Oracle Training. Millions of professionals around the world take online Training by Oracle University. That is every course is Designed for maximizing your thinking.

All you need to know about a Career in SQL

SQL means Structured Query Language. It is a domain-specific language which is used for communications and also manipulation of data which is stored

Difference between SQL and SQLite

The various difference SQL and SQLite database are - SQL  SQL is a structured query language which is used to query a database which is usually Relat


A trigger is a set of SQL statements stored in the database structure. A Trigger is a database object that is attached with the table in SQL.A SQL trigger is fired whenever an event or function associated with a table occurs ....

Cursor in Sql server database

The Cursor is database object use for getting data and manipulating particular row at a time. It is associated with select query it processes each row returned by select query.

Difference between Delete, Truncate, Drop

Delete command is used to delete all the rows from the table. If we use where clause then according to condition specific rows will be deleted. In del

Primary key and foreign key

Primary key is a key that uniquely identifies a record in a table. It cannot accepts a null value. We cannot have multiple primary key in a table. It

Union and Union all Operator in sql

Union and Union all both are use for combine the result-set of two of more select queries. Let us explain both individuallyUnion-Union Operator is us

Where Clause in SQL Statement

Where clause is very important clause for filtering data .It search the records from the table according to the condition given in the where clause.

Temporary Tables Magic Table and Injection in SQL

Tempopary tables are created at runtimes and ability to perform all the operation like the normal table. These tables have limited scope. This table is stored in tempdb.