The various difference SQL and SQLite database are - 


  1. SQL is a structured query language which is used to query a database which is usually Relational Database Systems.
  2. It is a standard which specifies how the data is inserted or how a relational schema or table is created.
  3. Some of the SQL databases are MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.
  4. Ways to write the query is same in both the SQL and SQLite.
  5. Some components of SQL are DDL (Data Definition Language), DML (Data Manipulation Language) etc. 


  1. SQLite is an embedded relational database management system which is written in ANSI-C.
  2. SQLite is file-based whereas SQL is a server based.
  3. SQLite does not support stored procedures.
  4. SQLite is the lite form of SQL which runs on low powered devices or the devices with low memory such as mobile devices, PDAs or pocket music players etc. 

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