Impact of VR on various Industries

The Virtual Reality is becoming huge today, as it has almost taken over the whole Gaming Industry. Usually, people relate Virtual Reality with Games but there are many other business industries as well which will be get affected by Virtual Reality. VR technology is putting its hand forward into other industries like agriculture, healthcare, education etc. In addition to various business industries, many major tech companies are focused on launching their own version of Virtual Reality like Google, Samsung, HTC etc.

Whereas, the Gaming Industry will receive the maximum benefit with the VR technology. The gaming industry has the real business value with Virtual Reality Technology. To experience the VR technology, the user needs a VR headset and the complimentary application, which establish communication between both the Hardware and the Software. The impact of Virtual Reality on various Business Industries are.

1. Healthcare and Medicine:

Impact of VR on various Industries

In Healthcare Industry many companies are providing a customizable application for the Hospitals, which will guide the patient’s health information in Augmented Reality. As well as, Augmented Reality technique also educate patients about the medical setting.

VR can be very effective in educating paramedics and provide medical treatment training in which the paramedics can perform a hands-on procedure in a Virtual environment with controlled settings. The practitioners can learn the lessons in a realistic way, in which they can receive instructions and perform the task in an interactive and realistic environment.

2. Marketing and Advertising:

Impact of VR on various Industries

Many brands are using Virtual Reality to increase Customer Interaction and improve the style of Advertisement. The VR technology for the Marketing and Advertising Industry gives a new dimension to promote their sale as well as attract more customers with real-time experience.

As well as, customers are also opting for VRs eyewear, which allows the marketer to promote and advertise their product in a 360-degree view due to which the brands, developers, and publishers can monetize with the Virtual Reality technology.

3. Military or Defense:

Impact of VR on various Industries
The Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technique works well in a combination to operate multiple stations for the training purpose and initiating or planning military operations in the Military or Defense system.

The Intelligence Agency are keeping their eye over using the technique very efficiently and helping the military to carry out secret operations by providing a real and exact imaging view to the Defense.

4. Retail and Fashion:

Impact of VR on various Industries

VR technology could revolutionize the market of Retail and Fashion Industry. VRs can be used by the industries to give the customer a real experience while shopping through the online using website or personalized applications. Through this, people can try dresses or fashion materials over them without receiving the product physically. It will help them to decide what they would go for the product to try another one. This will increase the number of available options for the customers.

5. Human Resource Recruitment:

Impact of VR on various Industries

In big private companies as well as in the government sector, the recruitment of Human Resource can be done easily by the companies. It will also reduce the rush in the office area with Augmented Reality. Once the adoption of Virtual Reality is done by the customers in an efficient manner then VR has driven Human Resource may benefit candidates as much as companies.

6. Construction and Real Estate:

Impact of VR on various Industries

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality techniques works wonder in the Construction and Real Estate Industry. The customers who are searching for a good house with a nice locality, for them the VR and AR can work easily and communicate a real and exact view to the customer. It will save the time of the person and easy to access each minute details.

Not only the customers whereas the sellers in the Real Estate could get a good response and satisfied customers. It becomes easy for both the customer and the seller to communicate over exact information’s and clear all doubts.

7. Automobile:

Impact of VR on various Industries
Virtual Reality can do wonders in the Automobile Industry and guide the customer to decide which vehicle is good to purchase. It will give a real view to the customer for test-driving of the cars. As well as, Virtual Reality technique gives a real view of the interior and exterior of the vehicle at a very accurate and precise way.

8. Tours and Travel:

Impact of VR on various Industries
Traveling to unknown locations causes the problem in reaching to the destination. As well as while traveling people search for good hotels, so with the help of 360-degree viewing people can see the interior of the hotel room as well as facilities. It helps people to decide the good hotel and can do the room reservation before reaching there on an advance date or while sitting at your home and planning the tour.

9. Education:

Impact of VR on various Industries

In Education Sector Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will do wonders and improve the quality of education as well. Students can get an interactive environment for the learning as well as can get a real view of the specific image to get the exact view and proper information about the specific topic. In schools, the teaching can be real-time and includes online content as well.  

10. Energy:

Impact of VR on various Industries

Combination of AR and VR technology with the data can be collected through the Internet of Thing (IoT) devices will help in maintenance and decision making. Through the technology and the available data helps researchers to identify the exact knowledge about the area. Like in the petroleum sector VR and AR technology help to discover the exact place to extract crude oil.

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