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Cursor in Sql server database

The Cursor is database object use for getting data and manipulating particular row at a time. It is associated with select query it processes each row returned by select query.

By Simond Gear posted   2 months ago

Difference between Delete, Truncate, Drop

Delete command is used to delete all the rows from the table. If we use where clause then according to condition specific rows will be deleted.

By Manish Sahu posted   3 months ago

Primary key and foreign key

Primary key is a key that uniquely identifies a record in a table. It cannot accepts a null value. We cannot have multiple primary key in a table.

By Samuel Fernandes posted   3 months ago

Union and Union all Operator in sql

Union and Union all both are use for combine the result-set of two of more select queries.

By Manish Sahu posted   3 months ago

Where Clause in SQL Statement

Where clause is very important clause for filtering data .It search the records from the table according to the condition given in the where clause.

By Manish Sahu posted   3 months ago

Temporary Tables Magic Table and Injection in SQL

Tempopary tables are created at runtimes and ability to perform all the operation like the normal table. These tables have limited scope. This table is stored in tempdb.

By Allen Scott posted   6 months ago

User Defined function in SQL

In this blog, we are explaining about the basic of user defined function and difference between Inline table-valued function and Multi Statement Table-Valued Function.

User Define function in Sql Server

User Defined Functions play a major role in SQL. User Defined functions can be used to perform a complicated logic, can accept parameters and return data. Many a times we have to write complex logic which cannot be written using a single query. In such case, UDFs role is important. For example, we can call user defined function in a where clause or use a user defined function in a JOIN.

By Elena Glibart posted   9 months ago

View in SQL

A view is a SQL statement which is stored in the database with a name. A view is actually a formation of a table in the form of a predefined Structured Query Language (SQL) query.

By Jayden Bell posted   9 months ago

Trigger In SQL

Triggers are store procedure, which are automatically executed or fired when some events occur like deletion, insertion of data. Triggers are database object which is attached to a table and is executed automatically. Triggers can’t be explicitly inv

By Jayden Bell posted   9 months ago

SQL Constraints

Constraints are used to apply some rules for the record in a table. If any rule is violated between constraint and data, then the action is aborted by the constraint. These constraints are specified when the table is created or after the table is cre

By Samuel Fernandes posted   10 months ago

SQL Queries

In previous article we have discussed about SQL and some queries. In this part we will continue on SQL Queries:

By Samuel Fernandes posted   10 months ago

Introduction to SQL

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. The structured query language is used to manipulate and access the databases. SQL is an ANSI (American National Standard Institute) standard.

By Samuel Fernandes posted   10 months ago

SQL Functions

These functions return a single value, calculated from the values in the column.Scalar functions return a single value, based on input data. Following are the various types of scalar functions.

By Samuel Fernandes posted   10 months ago

Cursor in SQL

In this blog, I’m explaining about cursor in SQL

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