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Login and Logout in PHP

Sometimes beginners get confused how to login and logout. So I thought it would be helpful if I share some basic steps how to create login and logout with session. Followings are the topics which we will learn in this part of section:

By Mark Devid posted   6 months ago

Final class and method in PHP

In our previous section, of inheritance we have seen how derived class (or child class) inherits the function or methods of base class (or parent class). There can be a situation where you want to prevent a class from being inherited.

 PHP PHP  Class 
By Jayden Bell posted   6 months ago

Type Hinting in PHP

Type Hinting is a technique that hints the function to accept only given data types. In PHP we can use type hinting for array, object and callable data type. Type hinting is introduced from PHP5.

By Andrew Watson posted   7 months ago

Object Cloning in PHP

Objects are inconstant, that means object has capability to change the state of information. In object oriented PHP programming, there can be a situation where you require copies of object.

By Andrew Watson posted   7 months ago

Method Chaining in PHP

Method chaining is a technique in which methods are put together one after the other.

By Andrew Watson posted   7 months ago

Abstract classes and Interface in PHP

Abstract classes and Interface are very important concept in object oriented programming in PHP.

By Andrew Watson posted   7 months ago

Static Method and variable

Static method in PHP is very useful features. Static function and variable breaks a lot of power available to 0bject oriented programming. These methods can be directly accessible without creating any object of class. To declare a static method or st

 PHP PHP  Variable 
By Andrew Watson posted   7 months ago

How to create database in MySQL using PHP?

The CREATE DATABASE statement is used to create database. (Note: Before creating database you must first connect with database server).Here is an example to create database using PHP:

 PHP Database  PHP  MYSQL 
By Royce Roy posted   7 months ago

Exception Handling in PHP

Exceptions are important to control over error handling. Exception handling is used to change the execution of a code if a specified error occurs.

By Royce Roy posted   7 months ago

File Inclusion in PHP

In PHP you can include the content of one file into another file. This will help in creating function, footers header or elements that can be used in several pages. If there is any changes needed in thousand of files just change included file.

 PHP PHP  File 
By Royce Roy posted   7 months ago

Error Handling in PHP

Error handling is the process of catching error and then taking appropriate action. When you create web application error handling is an important part. If your code lacks error checking code, your program look unprofessional and it will open to security risks.

 PHP PHP  Error 

Session in PHP

A session is used to store information in variables. These variables are used to store user information to be used across multiple pages.

 PHP PHP  Session 
By Jayden Bell posted   7 months ago

PHP String Function

Here we will look on some of the function of strings:

 PHP PHP  String 
By zack mathews posted   7 months ago

File Upload in PHP

In this blog explaining how to upload a file in php.

 PHP PHP  File  Upload 
By zack mathews posted   7 months ago

File Handling in PHP

fopen() function is used to open a file, but in PHP same function is used to create a file. If you use fopen() on a file that does not exists, it will create that file. It has two parameter

 PHP PHP  File  Handler 
By zack mathews posted   7 months ago

What is a cookie?

A Cookie is a text file that the server embeds on the user’s computer. A cookie is used to identify a user. These cookies are also used for tracking purpose.PHP supports HTTP cookies. These cookies are usually set in HTTP header. With the help of PHP you can create and delete the cookie.

 PHP PHP  Cookies 
By zack mathews posted   7 months ago

Functions in PHP

A function is a piece of code which takes input in the form of parameter and process these parameter and returns a value

By Samuel Fernandes posted   7 months ago

Sorting of an array in PHP

In PHP there are some sorting function .These function are used to sort the array.

 PHP PHP  Array  Sorting 
By zack mathews posted   7 months ago

Array in PHP

An array is a data structure that store multiple values in single variable.

By zack mathews posted   7 months ago

How to connect with database in PHP

Before we can access the data in MYSQL database,we have to first connect the server.PHP provides mysqli_connect() function to connect with database. This function has five parameter:

By Royce Roy posted   7 months ago

Pagoda Box- A PaaS specially tailored for PHP developers

PHP has undoubtedly become a leading programming language used for developing out-of-the-box websites and web applications.

By Amanda Cline posted   one year ago

Accessing SQL server database with PHP

The Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP allows PHP developers to access data in SQL Server databases.

By Arun Singh posted   4 years ago

How to host PHP on IIS

PHP application can be hosted on IIS web server by using FastCGI Module that can be found in IIS. Here I’m using IIS 7 as web server.

By Arun Singh posted   4 years ago

How to Create Web Service in PHP

Before creating Web Service in PHP first of all I will discuss about what’s Web Service? Web Service is an application that is designed to interact directly with other applications over the internet.

By Arun Singh posted   4 years ago

Displaying Data into PHP DataGrid

The basic PHP datagrid requires only as little as two lines of code. Fore mostly, always create PHPGrid object in the first line

By Arun Singh posted   5 years ago

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