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  • The range of a WiFi computer community depends in particular on the quantity and nature of wi-fi get entry to points and even routers which are used to assemble it. A conventional home community that has solitary wireless router can cover a unmarrie...

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  • Troubleshooting tips to Roku streaming

    As the Roku Streaming increased with leap and bounds over the time, so has increased the various issues with streaming. But you no need to worry now because we are here for help....

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  • This will guide you on how to place your mywifiext effectively. Mywifiext help you keep mobile devices, media players, and computers connected to Wifi with a reliable connection and expanded coverage in every corner of your home....

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  • Basic problems fixing tips in android smartphone

    There are issues in Android smartphones which are at times confusing for the consumer who is using it. I have listed below a set of basic problem which occurs on a general basis in smartphones which can be fixed...

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  • Power failure in laptops

    The troubleshooting method perpetually starts with distinguishing what works. If the matter is regarding power connection, the primary step is establishing that power is reaching to the laptop computer....

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  • Set Pattern lock on android device

    Security to your phone is as essential as securing other personal stuff. Your phone in the hands of wrong person can make you wander around....

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  • Delete past items in taskbar

    In Windows XP, the notification area keeps icons for programs you may long have uninstalled, but even if you go into the Taskbar options, there's no way to clear these 'Past Items' from the list. Here's a quick and easy way to do it....

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  • How to view laptop specification

    There are many good reasons for why you may wish to know the specification of your PC or laptop. Perhaps it is running slowly and you want to know if an upgrade is appropriate....

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  • Restoring your laptop to the state it came out of the factory can be handy for a number of different reasons. Perhaps you're having problems with your laptop's performance, a virus or you simply want to sell it on and remove all your programs, files,...

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  • If your PC or laptop is running slow, or strange windows keep popping up as you browse about Windows, your PC may well have been infected by a virus, spyware or one of the myriad other types of malware that proliferate on the web....

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  • How to hide old posts on your Facebook

    Facebook is a popular free social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues....

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