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How to Temporarily Disable Norton Antivirus 2019?

Anaya Sinha1381 22-Aug-2019

Whenever we talk about antivirus; Norton antivirus always strikes first in our mind. Norton is the most popular antivirus in the world. Norton provides various antivirus suits according to user's need. From home users to business; Norton offers leading features to everyone. With Norton, you are providing a secure platform to your device.

Top features of Norton antivirus: 

• Malware detection and removal

Norton offers wonderful malware protection. The malware detection and removal rate of Norton is more than 99% which means it can protect your device from most of the malware infection. If you have installed Norton in your device; you can use your device freely.

How to Temporarily Disable Norton Antivirus 2019?

• Excellent Firewall 

Norton offers excellent firewall which prevents all unauthorized connection on your device. Well, OS also provides you firewall but inbuilt firewall mostly focuses on incoming traffic. OS firewall protects from incoming threats but it may unable to prevent data theft practices. Norton firewall actively monitors both side traffic and if it finds any suspicious kind of activity it quickly blocks the network. If may happens, you need to access a URL which seems suspicious to the firewall. At that time, you can disable the firewall for accessing the website.

Steps for disabling your Norton antivirus temporarily:

1. Click on Norton icon from the system tray

2. Right-click on Norton Internet Security icon

3. You will get a list of options

4. Hit on "Disable Smart Firewall"

5. Click on "Select the duration"

6. Now hit the OK button

After accessing the website, remember to enable your firewall.

• Automatic update 

You are aware that updating the antivirus is necessary; without updating the antivirus your antivirus can't deal with new malware. Norton provides frequent updates so your device gets secured from all kinds of threats. But people often forget to update the antivirus. For those, Norton Activation offers automatic update where your antivirus will automatically get updated when arrives. But if you are short of internet data then you can disable the automatic update feature of Norton.

• Gaming mode 

The most annoying thing while playing an online game is antivirus alerts. With Norton, you can play online games without any kind of disturbance. Norton mutes the alerts for later so you can play games peacefully. This mode automatically activates when you perform any task on the full screen such as playing games or watching videos.

How to Temporarily Disable Norton Antivirus 2019?

• Smart Password Manager 

For data safety, a password manager is crucial. Whenever we need privacy, we set a password. Today, using a password-protected account is not an option but a need. People use likely more than a dozen accounts today for various things such as online banking account, social networking sites, and various applications. People often use the same password for various accounts because remembering a bunch of passwords is a bit difficult. But are you aware that you are falling in a pit where you lose one password any your all accounts will get hacked! Never use a simple password. Create a password which can't be cracked by guessing. You can install Norton using setup product key and you will get a password manager where you can store your all passwords. This password manager can also help you in creating unique passwords which are very difficult to guess. You can store your user name with their passwords and other important information such as bank details.

Norton provides spam blocking, safe web, automatic backup, anti-phishing, parental control and various other features which are necessary to protect your device and data on the internet. 

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