How to Fix Common Problems of HP Printer?

How to Fix Common Problems of HP Printer?

HP printers are the best printing brand across the globe. HP offers the most user-friendly printing machines that are cost-effective and super-efficient for users. By keeping several user-categories in mind, HP improves a range of printing machines. All HP printer is appropriate for both personal and professional use. The consistency, speed, and performance are the remarkable features of the HP printers.

Despite having the best printer tag, HP devices are also not untouched with the technical problems. Every now and then users come across the numerous issues while using this top-notch brand, here in this blog through Printer Align, we will provide the solution for common HP printer problems.

Paper jams on HP printer

It is the most common one that users faced not just the HP but also other brand users. This can be termed as a universal issue with printer devices. A jam in the printer may arise due to an incorrect size of paper in tray, dirt, dust on rollers and many other factors are involved. Hence, to get rid of this, try to clean the paper tray with the clean cloth or change the papers if it triggered the issue.

Faded printing

Faded printer issues usually come about due to ink cartridge, print density is set on low, or Economode printing is on. To shot it, try to check the ink cartridge or change the settings.


Ghosting denotes to the low or lighter copy of image prints. It occurs due to a power outlet or drum or imaging kit. Try to change the parts to fix this issue.

Toner does not stay on the paper

This issue may be related to the fuser. Changing the fusers may resolve this issue on a printer.

Driver issue with the operating system

There must be compatibility issues with the old drivers and the new operating system. Try to update the drivers from the official site of HP.

HP Printer Offline to Online

HP printer is showing offline status is the warning sign of printer, that device is not properly connected to the network or failed to make a connection with the existing network. It can be fixed by checking the cables or wire of the printer. In case, the printer is wireless check the internet connection. Moreover, restarting your device can fix this issue easily. If the issue still persists after restarting the device, examine the driver compatibility with the system.

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