Three Reasons: Why you shouldn't use liquid drain cleaning products?

Which problem we usually face at home? Yes, the problem is drain clogging. We often opt for liquid cleaners which are said to be the best option but in reality, it is not.

There are several reasons for a clogged drain and most of the time it has been seen that the reason is not the debris drain has accumulated. Drains are often going through thin pipes where you obviously do not have any access and that is the reason you should be aware of. Because unseen clogs in drains can be the cause of several other disruptions in daily life and water can flow back to enter your house through pipe openings.

In most of the case of, clogging problem general people try to find a solution by pouring a cleaning liquid named as ‘Drain Cleaner’ which is a strong chemical. But choosing this chemical is not a good option because of the following reasons-

The Reason Could be Any-why are you reluctant on chemicals only?

Yes, the reason for the clogged drain could be any. It could be a broken pipe, a broken joint or even a hard metal or plastics that are blocking the flow. Liquid drain cleaners can only clean some sort of special type of debris, and cannot fix these type of clogging issue. So, it could be a real waste of money if you rely on these liquid drain cleaners only.

  • Toxicity

It has been already said that drain cleaners are very hard chemical. It is so toxic that it can burn skin, eye or if swallowed can cause death too by disabling your lung, heart, respiration problem, blood circulation problem. Is there any point of bringing such a chemical to your sweet home where you have babies? So, say no to these highly toxic drain cleaners.

  • Drain Cleaners are Pollutant

The whole world is fighting to save the Earth and are you the one going to spoil it? Do not do that, please. Drain cleaners can highly pollute the water and surrounding air, It contains chemicals that can react with the water molecules, kill the microorganisms including Protozoa, Zooplankton and Phytoplankton. Protozoa, Zooplankton and Phytoplankton are essential for many water species and help to protect the water ecosystem. Moreover, chemicals can also react with the Oxygen in the air and create toxic gases that can cause severe damage to lung and heart. Your municipality is going to recycle the same water for you, is there any point in making the recycling process hard for them?

A drain is clogged does not mean it has been clogged due to the accumulation of debris only. There may have other reasons which may require your attention and work done by a plumber. Do not rely blindly on a liquid cleaner or chemical that can cause harm to you or your family. So, after reading this your, mind should have been changed and you should know, Why you shouldn't use liquid drain cleaning products.

Last updated:5/2/2019 6:25:32 AM
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