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Rahul Roi
Rahul Roi

These are some graphic design important components:

Line: This is any two connected points in a design. The lines divide space, stress-specific words/phrases, and creating patterns. That directs the viewer’s attention in the desired direction.

Color: Color has the most powerful impact on the audience. That can make a statement individually and with other components. The well-crafted color theory develops mood and emotions towards design and creates visual interest.

Shape: This is defined by boundaries like color or line. Each component comes together to make a shape. Three types of shapes are geometric, natural, and abstracted.

Space: This is the area between different elements of a design. That defines importance and leads the viewer through the design. this is an effective use of space that makes the user perceive the design better and positively.

Texture: The texture is the surface, look and feel of the design. That adds depth and visual interest.

Scale: The scale is the size of elements of a design. These impacts the viewer by creating emphasis and visual interest in the design.

Typography: This defines the styling of words using different fonts and sizes. As like that the colors and shapes, typography expresses the nature of the design.