Productivity Tips When Working Remotely

Last updated:9/15/2020 11:28:06 AM

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seo noman
seo noman

Most people would rather work at home or anywhere they find convenient than endure the daily commute to the office every day. Working at home is also attractive because you set your own working hours but the problem is you lack the resources and atmosphere at home that you would have in the office and this can greatly affect your productivity. It is easy to find yourself watching TV or entertaining guests when you should be working. Worse, due to poor time management on your end, you may have long into the night which is unhealthy and exhausting.

Here’s how to stay productive when working remotely.

Set up a home office

Whether you are a freelancer who primarily works from home or an office worker who sometimes works remotely, you must set up a home office. You don’t have to tear down your house to accommodate an extra room or move to a bigger house to achieve that. But you need to have a space where you comfortably do your job without any distractions.

You will need a comfortable chair and desk to avoid straining your back and neck. You are able to focus on your job when you are comfortable. Invest in a Porter Cable Stapler to neatly secure the cables running from your printer, computer and other electronics.

Set your working hours

This is very important for time management and having a work-life balance. Without a clearly defined working schedule, your social life will overlap into your working hours forcing you to work odd hours which is not only straining but also affects your productivity the following day.

Make sure your family and friends know your working hours and respects them. Being at home doesn’t mean you are available for social activities. You are also likely to get more done when you are working within a time frame.

Eliminate distractions

Keep off your phone during your working hours. If you wouldn’t do it in the office then don’t do it at home. The reason most social media sites are blocked on the office internet is because they are a distraction that can make you lose track of time. So unless your work involves something to do with social media, keep off until you finish your work. Keep off the TV too, and, if a visitor comes knocking, tell them you are working and it’s not a good time.

Have a work-life balance

Without the comfort of a job security, many freelancers take up on a lot assignments that means lacking any semblance of a social life and they are always moving from one deadline to another. This is bad for your health. You need to have a work-life balance to avoid burnouts.

You are better off negotiating for a long-term contract with a single client than taking single jobs from several sources with clashing deadlines which can overwhelm you and increase your stress levels. Defining your working hours, as mentioned earlier, can also help you know when to stop working and take it easy.