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Anupam Mishra
Anupam Mishra

Here a set of difference between DDL vs DML. These are follows:


Data manipulation Language (DML) is used to manage the schema in the database.  Data Manipulation Language (DML) provides great facility to manipulate the tables in the database, we can view the database according our objective.
SELECT :  Select statement have great facility to retrieve the columns from the table
INSERT: With the help of Insert statement we can save the data in the schema.
UPDATE:  This statement can have the ability to alter existing database.
DELETE: This statement can delete the existing data in the database.
MERGE: This statement can upsert operation (Insert or update) 
CALL: This statement call PS/SQL
EXPLAIN PLAIN: It can explain path to database.
LOCK TABLE: This have the great ability to control concurrency in the database. 


Data definition Language (DDL) has the ability to define the structure of the schema. 
CREATE: It can create a new table schema in the database. 
ALTER: This statement can alter object in the schema.
TRUNCATE: This statement can delete the data from the database including log files.
COMMENT: It have the ability create comment to data dictionary.
RENAME: This statement have the ability to rename the objects in the database.