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Posted on    December-15-2012 4:34 AM

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Vijay Shukla

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Posted on    December-15-2012 1:00 AM

Classical ASP had no mechanism of running itself on non- Microsoft technology platforms like the 'The Apache Web Server'


ASP.NET could be run on non-Microsoft Platforms also. Cassini is a sample Web server produced by Microsoft which, among other projects, has been used to host ASP.NET with Apache.

Multi Language Support in WebPage

In ASP only two languages were available for scripting VBScript and Jscript/Javascript. But in ASP.NET We are no longer constrained to the two scripting languages available in traditional ASP: Any fully compliant .NET language can now be used with ASP.NET, including C# and VB.NET.

Note :- (C# and VB.Net are both server Side languages.)

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