Define windows services.

Please explain me about windows services along with image. 

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Nishi Tiwari
Nishi Tiwari

A Windows service is an application which runs without a user being logged into the system, generally to process some data on the machine which needs no user intervention to work with.

Windows Service

a. It is a windows based service

b. which starts automatically when the windows starts

c. cannot be consumed by other application

d. did not supports any protocol

e. Windows services does some task in the background itself and does not required any user intervention

f. Can be hosted only within windows machine with .NET framework installed

g. It is long running program

Windows service - It is a windows based services.

Window services is a long running executable application, which runs in its own window session. Window services have also the ability to start when the computers boot and it can manually be handled. We can manually start, stop, and pause window services.

The windows service is the application with no interface, we cannot communicate with it without setting that up for ourself, like .NET remoting.

Define windows services.

Define windows services.