Define web services.

Please give me brief explanation about web services with example. 

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Nishi Tiwari
Nishi Tiwari

A Web service is the website which, when connected, returns XML (typically) in one of the several standard formats for the service consumer to process or, which does some work for your whenever you contact it or request it.

Web Service

a. It is web based services that is internet based

b. It is located on remote and hosted on web server (IIS)

c. Web Services can be consumed by other application

d. Support http, tcp/ip protocol

e. Some application access the web services using web method

f. Client may be any platform that supports web service and not necessary that the client should be only .NET platform.

g. It can be used to transfer data through the network

Web Service - It is a Web based. Service.

Web services is the business logic Components that provide functionality through the internet. The functionality provided by Web services can be used by any other application irrespective of the programming language, hardware component and Operating System on which application is running. Web service uses SOAP in order to express the Business Functionality to world.

A web service is a website. We use the http protocol to call a method of our web service which in turn sends us the result.

Define web services.

Define web services.