In this blog, I’m explaining about HTML server control in .Net

  1.      The HTML Server Controls follow the HTML-centric object Model. Model similar to HTML

2.      Here the controls can be made to interact with Client side scripting. Processing would be done at client as well as server depending on your client.

3.      Migration of the ASP project thought not very easy can be done by giving each intrinsic HTML control a runat =server to make it HTML server side control.

4.      The HTML server controls have no mechanism of identifying the capabilities of the client browser accessing the current page.

5.      A HTML  server control has similar abstraction with its corresponding HTML tag and offers  no abstraction.

The following table describes the HTML server controls:


Control Name                   HTML Tag

HTMLHead                       <head> element

HTMLInputButton          <input type=button|button|reset>

HTMLImg                           <img> element

HTMLLink                          <link> element

HTMLAnchor                        <a> element

HTMLTable                         <table> element

HTMLTableCell                    <td> and <th>

HTMLTableRow                   <tr> element


Client side scripts

All ASP.NET server controls allow calling client side code written using  Javascript or VBScript. Some ASP.NET server controls use client side scripting to provide response to the   users without posting back to the server. For example, the  validation controls.

Event                                              Description

Onblur                                       when the  control loses focus

Onfocus                                      when the control receives focus

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