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Ruby On Rails - Things you Must Know

Instead of HTML, JavaScript, or CSS why would someone use Ruby on Rails as a web development programming language.

Difference between XML and HTML

The major difference is that in XML there are provisions for defining new elements while HTML doesn’t provide a specification to define new element and it uses predefined tags.

Learning HTML5 and HTML as fast as possible Course Free

Learning HTML5 and HTML as fast as possible Course Free - in this course, we want to learn HTML and html5  for the persons who want to learn fast

Basics: Every Designer Need to Know About Colour Contrast

When it comes to perceiving colour, a designer’s sight is fourfold. In our world, the basic principles of colour use are referred to as The Big Four

Frontend Frameworks to Learn In 2017

Recently, two major advancements were seen in the web platform. They were Web Assembly and Service Workers. They enable the users for fast and performing web applications that bridge the gap with native compiled applications.

Optimizing Title and Anchor

Today, we are going to see two more important aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) i.e. Optimizing the title of the page and anchor tags contained in the html code of the pages.

HTML helpers and Partial Views

Hi everyone in this blog I’m explaining about HTML helpers and Partial views.HTML Helper:An HTML Helper is just a method that returns a string. The st

HTML Server controls

In this blog, I’m explaining about HTML server control in .Net1.The HTML Server Controls follow the HTML-centric object Model. Model similar to HTML2.

CSS background-image property not working in Outlook

The problem is that both Outlook 2007/2010 and Hotmail do not support CSS background-image property for any element except body tag. So which differen

HTML Character Entities

Some characters are reserved in html. For example, you cannot use the greater than or less than signs within your text because the browser could mista

What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is a language for describing web pages. HTML is not a programming language, it is a markup language (