Driverless Vehicle is known with other names as well, like Autonomous Vehicle, Unmanned Vehicle, Self-Driving Vehicle, is a vehicle which could sense its environment by using a combination of sensors, camera, radars, and Artificial Intelligence, and moves with less or no human efforts. A driverless vehicle uses technologies to cover the distance and reach its pre-defined destination.

The only concern with this new experimental technology is that it works safely and operate within an appropriate framework. The successful experimentation and implementation of Driverless Vehicles on road could cause a huge number of job loss to people. It will completely eliminate the requirement of expert and knowledgeable drivers for every individual vehicle. In contrast to this, Autonomous Vehicles could be very helpful from various points like the increase in safety, cost reduction, increased mobility rate, increased customer satisfaction, and reduction in crime rate.

The development and implementation of Driverless vehicle are divided into 6 levels by the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The Levels start with zero and end up to 5th level. In the initial level i.e. Zero Level, divers drive the Autonomous Vehicle by using driver assistance technologies. And ends up to Level 5, where a driver sits idle and just watch all the activities and the car drove itself to reach the destination.

Driver-less Vehicle

How Driverless Vehicle Works?

The Driverless vehicle firstly collects a lot of data through various modes like Image Recognition System, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Neural Network to make an out-frame system that can make driving autonomous. Lidar Sensor detects the lane and edges of the road by bouncing pulses of light off the cars surrounding.

The Central Computer analyses all of the data from the various sensors and manages the steering, braking, and acceleration.

Example, Googles self-driving car project is known as ‘Waymo’. It works over various sensors and cameras. These sensors combine all the data system generated to identify the environment and predict what those objects might do next.

Driver-less Vehicle

Advantages of Driverless Vehicle

1. Without a driver, the vehicles will become like a mini-luxury room. The vehicle will be having more space and doesn’t require an attentive driver to drive safely and reach to the destination.

2. The Driverless Vehicle almost eliminates the cases of Car crashes which arises due to driver’s error on road. As well as, it won’t require bad drivers which could cause accidents and risks others life.

3. The traveler can move with the driverless car at any time, irrespective of day or night and can have rest or sleep as well.

4. The driverless car doesn’t face any situation of tiredness or fatigue, which usually a human driver faces. It could cover a long distance without any stoppage and rest.

5. The Driverless car also minimizes the problem of traffic, as they only follow the traffic rules, and won’t try to jump lanes frequently. It will manage the traffic easily, especially in Urban areas.

6. The speed limit can also be managed easily without making any compromise with the safety of passengers.

7. Car parking requires a skilled driver to park the car in the busy parking area. So, the driverless car doesn’t need to face all these problems, as it much skilled than humans and work with sheer precision.

8. The proper driving by driverless car will reduce cost and expense over fuels.

9. A self-aware car would reduce the cases of car theft.

10. The Autonomous car doesn’t require car insurance and passenger insurance, as it moves with safety.

Driver-less Vehicle

Disadvantages of Driverless Vehicle

1. Owning a Driverless car could cost a lot amount for the buyer.

2. Due to driverless vehicles, the car or truck driver will lose their jobs eventually.

3. The problem in any device, whether it is a minor problem in the system. But it could cause a worse crash of vehicle as compared to crash due to human error.

4. The Driverless Vehicle completely works over the information about its user and collects all the detailed movement by the owner, which could be a huge security concern for any owner.

5. The Hackers can rob the vehicle easily if they succeed in hacking the software of the vehicle.

6. The bad weather can affect the safe movement of the vehicle, as it blocks the sensor or harms the sensor of the vehicle.

7. The Automatic vehicle could face difficulty in reading human road signals or signs.

8. The driverless vehicle will badly affect the driving capability of the person, and if the self-driving condition arises then it will be a big problem for that person.

9. To establish the environment for the driverless car will require a huge makeover of infrastructure and causes a monetary loss as well.

10. Human signals, like hand gestures on road, will be very difficult for a computer to understand.

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