These days we are too much friendlier with the news of cybercrime in which the hackers perform activities which are illegal according to the laws. In most of the cases, there is involvement of hackers who with their hacking skills takes access in the system of their targeted people and takes away their data, confidential files, and money through the users banking details.

Ethical hacking- A license to hack

The first image which strikes in our mind is that the hackers are criminals. Yes, its true hackers are criminal but what if I tell there are good hackers too who work in favor of our nation and those are called the ethical hackers.

Ethical hackers

Ethical hackers are also known as the white hat hacker, ethical hackers are the ultimate security professional and how complete skills of detecting the weaknesses in various systems and programs pretty similar to those hackers which are also known as the black hat hackers.

Ethical hackers perform the required activity as demanded by the government of the particular country or the intelligence department. However, ethical hackers have much more responsibilities as sometimes they have to deal with cases which are in regards to national security.

Well the primary difference between the ethical hacker and malicious hacker is the legality as the ethical hacker’s works for the benefit of a country and works on the rules and guidelines which are legal however in the case of the malicious hacker there is vice-versa as they violate the rules and guidelines and that’s the reason they are considered as criminals.

Why government hires ethical hackers?

Government hires ethical hackers and provide them license to possess their hacking work for them. You may have listened to the name of Ankit Fadia one of the most renowned self-proclaimed ethical hackers in India. The prime reason why the government has to take such steps is that of increase in the use of internet own devices.

Ethical hacking- A license to hack

There are billions of people out there in the world who use excessive internet due to which the cases of cybercrimes have also been increased and to counter such cases government hires ethical hackers. These hackers are basically technological geeks who are mostly stuck in gadgets and tools related to software, programming, and many more technological things.

Ethical hacking

Ethical hackers are engaged in the testing duties and apart from testing they have responsibilities of finding the malicious hacker and configure the illegal activities done by them. Ethical hackers practice their skills and they try to improvise their skills to counter the malicious attacks done on a confidential system.

An ethical hacker is also employed in cybersecurity systems in which they are enriched with the latest devices, tools, and gadgets which enhances their hacking skills and takes it to a whole new different level.

Ethical hacking- A license to hack

These hackers also deal almost all the cases of cybercrimes which includes cases of theft of funds to cases of national security.

Although ethical hackers very similar to the way our physical security systems which and are one of the most integral parts through which cybercrimes are been restricted.

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