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PHP is the most popular programming language for web development and hence, PHP frameworks are used to build exceptional web applications. And, here are 5 Compelling Reasons to Choose PHP for Your Business....

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Norton is powerful and effective Cyber-security Tool....

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Unlike other programming languages, PHP is relatively a powerful and flexible framework which is designed to simplify and make a web application development process easier....

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A blogger walk is a website where a person can share hos tech ideas and startups....

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Create popups with any HTML content, image or form when pages load for grab customer attention....

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Sometimes beginners get confused how to login and logout. So I thought it would be helpful if I share some basic steps how to create login and logout with session. Followings are the topics which we will learn in this part of section:...

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In our previous section, of inheritance we have seen how derived class (or child class) inherits the function or methods of base class (or parent class). There can be a situation where you want to prevent a class from being inherited....

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Type Hinting is a technique that hints the function to accept only given data types. In PHP we can use type hinting for array, object and callable data type....

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Objects are inconstant, that means object has capability to change the state of information. In object oriented PHP programming, there can be a situation where you require copies of object....

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Method chaining is a technique in which methods are put together one after the other. For example you have a class employee and have three methods like this:...

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Abstract classes are those classes which cannot be instantiated and require subclasses to provide implementation for the abstract methods or in other words you cannot create object of abstract classes...

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Static method in PHP is very useful features. Static function and variable breaks a lot of power available to 0bject oriented programming....

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The CREATE DATABASE statement is used to create database. (Note: Before creating database you must first connect with database server).Here is an example to create database using PHP:...

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Exceptions are important to control over error handling. Exception handling is used to change the execution of a code if a specified error occurs....

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In PHP you can include the content of one file into another file. This will help in creating function, footers header or elements that can be used in several pages....

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Error handling is the process of catching error and then taking appropriate action. When you create web application error handling is an important part....

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A session is used to store information in variables. These variables are used to store user information to be used across multiple pages....

PHP  Session 
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Here we will look on some of the function of strings:...

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$_FILES is a superglobal variable in PHP. It consists of 5 variable:...

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fopen() function is used to open a file, but in PHP same function is used to create a file. If you use fopen() on a file that does not exists, it will create that file. It has two parameter...

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A Cookie is a text file that the server embeds on the user’s computer. A cookie is used to identify a user....

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A function is a piece of code which takes input in the form of parameter and process these parameter and returns a value...

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In PHP there are some sorting function .These function are used to sort the array....

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An array is a data structure that store multiple values in single variable. In PHP to create an array, array() function is used....

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Before we can access the data in MYSQL database,we have to first connect the server.PHP provides mysqli_connect() function to connect with database. This function has five parameter:...

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