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Abstract classes and Interface in PHP

Abstract classes and Interface are very important concept in object oriented programming in PHP.

By Andrew Watson posted   10 months ago

Inheritance in Java: Why Inheritance?

One of the major benefits of object-oriented programming is code reuse. Programmers develop lot of code over time.

By Ailsa Singh posted   11 months ago

Exception Handling in Java: Error Types

When a running Java application fails, it creates an exception object encapsulating the error condition and throws it back to the running code.

By Aliya Crox posted   11 months ago

Nested Classes in Java: Anonymous Classes

A local class without a name is called an anonymous class. If we need only a single instance of a local class, we will create an anonymous class. Typically, a local class has a name and thus a declaration.

By Royce Roy posted   11 months ago

Nested Classes in Java: Local Classes

A non-static class defined within a class is called a member class of the enclosing class. A member class is commonly used as a helper class to the enclosing class.

By Royce Roy posted   11 months ago

Nested Classes in Java: Why use Nested Classes?

As the name suggests, we can embed a class declaration within another class. This gives us the power to hide our classes within an outer class. Embedding a class within another class has many more repercussions than simply hiding it from the outside

By Jayden Bell posted   11 months ago

Interfaces in Java: Syntax with Example code

An interface uses syntax similar to that of a class declaration. The format of the interface syntax is shown here:

By Jonas Stuart posted   11 months ago

Interfaces in Java

When we are learning Inheritance, we go through a point that Java does not support multiple inheritance—in other words, a class cannot have two or more super classes. Multiple inheritance has its own advantages and disadvantages.

By Samuel Fernandes posted   11 months ago

Difference between IQueryable<T> vs IEnumerable<T>

A lots of time Confusion between IQueryable and IEnumerable interface because, they are look like same and when we start writing a code often,we will choose a wrong approach between them.

By Anupam Mishra posted   one year ago

Difference between Interface and Abstract Class in .Net

In this blog, I’m explaining about interface and abstract class in .Net

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