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Salesforce Apex is designed to add business logic and a large amount of data so that controllers can be written in the MVC architecture.

Blockchain and big data are very similar in one big way: it’s all about how you use them. Much like the Force in Star Wars, blockchain and big data are powerful tools that can be used to serve the dark or the good side.

The cloud is an increasingly popular tool for companies. Rather than keep data in on-site systems, companies put it in the hands of third-party cloud providers.

It has become a common practice for both big and small enterprises to run programs and store information on the cloud.There are several types of cloud storage such as Public cloud, Private cloud and Hybrid cloud solutions that are chosen...

Cloud computing is becoming one of the important areas for investment in India. Telecommunication, Manufacturing and Government sector, IT/ITes, Banking and Financial Services are contributing largely to the Cloud market in India.

Cloud registering and accumulating arrangements furnish clients and undertakings with different abilities to store and prepare their information in outsider information centers

Hi Everyone, here we add a Fault Screen in SFDC flow

Hi Everyone, here we see how to add a custom button to launch a SFDC Flow

Hi Everyone, here we see how to add a confirmation screen in SFDC flow.

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Hi Everyone, here we see how to add a record create element in Salesforce Flows

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Hi Everyone, here is an introduction to Salesforce Development and first thing to start with SFDC is getting a Developer Edition account

Hi Everyone, I am explaining here about infrastructure components involved in Cloud computing

Hi everyone in this blog I’m explaning about cloud database solution (SQL Azure Database).