Salesforce is a popular CRM and Salesforce Apex is a programming language that is developed by the The language is similar to the C# programming concepts and Java that can implement complex transactions and business requirements on platform easily. A large amount of data can be processed by Salesforce Apex within minutes only.

Today, through this blog, we are going to discuss Salesforce Apex and the resources that can help in learning Apex. The application types that can be developed with Apex are programmatic development and the declarative programming.

Among these two languages, Salesforce Apex is the type of programmatic development. When the user interface has been developed for the application, it is just to add the custom logic to the controller code by using the Apex Programming language.

What is Apex Programming Language?

Salesforce Apex is a multi-tenant and multi-purpose programming language. Apex programming language is controlled for high-quality services and has the following features:

  • Apex triggers and classes can be written in a sandbox environment
  • The code coverage must be greater than the 75%
  • The code of Apex is saved in Metadata format.
  • Salesforce Apex language has built-in exception handling features.
  • Apex code syntax and variables are similar to Java.
  • It can be used to handle complex business problems
  • There is a built-in locking mechanism in Apex that helps in preventing any record update conflict.

The Apex Architecture

Two action sequences should be known while discussing the working architecture of Apex and that is one when the developer save the code and other the end user’s actions. All Apex applications run entirely on the platform. In Apex, the code gets compiled and stored in the metadata form. Then the end user sends the result retrieval request from Salesforce servers.

End-user sends the request to the internet and waits for the result that is sent back to the end user. Apex has a separate compiler, runtime environment, and a server. The compiled applications of Apex are stored on data storage servers.

Best ways to learn Salesforce APEX quickly

Salesforce is an innovative and one of the most demanding CRM tools available so far. There are various ways to learn the tool effectively and the presence of several resources to learn the Apex makes it difficult to choose the appropriate one. The trustworthy and authentic resources that can be opted to learn Salesforce Apex and its other tools are listed below:

Instructor-led Personal Training

While you may find it costlier to learn Salesforce from a personal instructor, but it is an all-time favourite and preferred way to learn any language or tool. The cost of such programs may depend on the chosen module and the level of the course. The training may be technical or non-technical. You can check the offered topics that will be covered in the course. Though the instructor-led training can be provided onsite and virtually in both manners. The time and date are usually fixed in such pieces of training.

Real-time workshops

On-site training is also provided by a number of Salesforce experts. On-site training includes the training from your convenient location. In such cases, the Salesforce trainers are brought to the organization in an effective manner, who introduce the platform to the employees. Even on-site training can help the employees in learning the tool in their own working environment. They get practical experience and the Salesforce professionals easily learn a new language and platform.

Instructor-led Online Salesforce Training

There are a number of self-directed online Salesforce training programs that may be budget-friendly and can be availed online as well. The cost of such online and self-paced learning courses depend on the choice of course and the course content. A number of virtual classes cover a number of topics and practical training is provided online. There are several Salesforce courses dedicated to a different role like Salesforce administrator, Salesforce developer, platform builder and many more, you are always free to choose the best one as per the convenience.

The certification courses are provided by expert professionals and it can be proven a great learning resource for anyone who wants to learn Salesforce Apex.

Key Resources for the Salesforce Training

There are many resources that can be availed to learn Salesforce and they are like Salesforce trailhead and others that are listed below. These resources can be availed freely and without spending any money the user can easily learn the tool and practice for the concepts. The key resources are:

Cheat Sheets- Through Salesforce cheat sheets user can learn various concepts and they are easy to learn as well.

User Guides: Salesforce provides easy to understand user guides that can help the learners in getting familiar with Salesforce and its Apex like platforms. The resources cover all topics for beginners, service, marketing, and analytical people.

Salesforce Glossary: Salesforce glossary includes all terms related to Salesforce that may help you in learning the tool. The glossary can be proven a great tool for those who are working in the field.

Salesforce YouTube: On YouTube itself, you can find a number of videos that can help you in learning Apex and other Salesforce tools. Some of the keywords for YouTube are Sales cloud, service cloud or AppExchange, Pardot,, Dreamforce video, and others

Common Topics Covered in online Salesforce Training 

Salesforce Apex training cannot be completed overnight but it takes time and efforts. Here is a wider range of topics covered in the Salesforce APEX course are listed below:

  • What is Apex programming
  • How to write Apex code
  • How Apex work
  • Looping Statement
  • Exception Statement
  • Apex batch processing
  • Deployment of Apex
  • SOSL
  • SOQL
  • Data Types
  • Variable Declaration
  • Apex Debugging 

Apart from the above-listed topics, many other topics are also covered in the courses will depend on the instructor and type of course that you have opted for.

Final Words

Salesforce Apex is the most used and popular framework, there are a number of resources that can help you in learning Salesforce especially the Apex framework. Here, we have listed the available resources broadly, while there may be many other such resources as subcategories of the above-listed ones. You can choose any of them while learning Salesforce. At the same time, when you learn Salesforce, you should know the basic concepts and must have some programming background as well.

A programming background in Java can always help you in learning the tool in a faster manner. Here, the technical background is not sufficient, in fact, you must be familiar with the console programming and its syntax too. During such training, you will get trained for both of them so that you can achieve your career goal easily.

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