Cloud Computing: You Have to Avoid These Devastating Mistakes

Cloud Computing: You Have to Avoid These Devastating Mistakes

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More and more businesses are deciding to make a move towards cloud-based technology. This is due to several large benefits this technology provides, all of which can significantly boost the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and convenience of doing business.

Despite the advantages on offer, these can all be squandered if you’re not careful when adopting and utilizing cloud computing. Certain mistakes can be made, which might cause your business to regress rather than progress.

To avoid this from happening, below is a selection of damaging cloud computing mistakes your business needs to avoid.

Not having your employees up to speed

What’s the point in adopting a cloud computer system if your employees don’t know how to use it properly? If your employees are not on the same wavelength, this could cause serious delays – and costly errors – for your business.

To ensure this isn’t an issue, it is worth investing in your workforce and educating them all about cloud computing. This can be done by earning a certification. A Cloud Guru is an educational specialist that provides cloud computing certifications, giving you and your employees the chance to learn all about cloud technology and its latest innovations.

Migrating every piece of data at once

Data migration is the biggest step your business will take in its cloud adventure. As a result, this is never something you want to rush or attempt without a sophisticated plan in place.

It’s recommended to space out the cloud migration in phases. This should begin with non-essential data, so you can test the waters and ensure the migration doesn’t have any faults. Then once you know your sensitive data won’t be at risk, you can migrate all critical data over to the cloud.

Not taking the right approach with security

By going onto the cloud, your business can experience an enhanced level of security against malicious attacks. At least that’s the case if you take the correct steps – there are certain pitfalls which could lead to cyber criminals gaining access to your precious data.

For instance, don’t instantly assume that your cloud provider completely protects your data. While they will comply with security standards and provide layers of protection, you are also responsible for keeping your data encrypted and secure. Speaking of your provider, ensure their cloud system undergoes frequent risk assessments.

Getting trapped in by your vendor

If you’re going to use a cloud-based provider rather than building it all in-house, it’s important to do your research. You want to find a vendor which has a strong reputation for reliability and service.

However, you need to look at more than just the surface details and customer feedback. Before signing any agreement with a provider, always read the fine print and ask questions. You don’t want to be essentially locked into a deal with a vendor, where you cannot move your data away from their cloud and into another one.

Even if they may seem like the best cloud-based provider around, you never know when your business might have the desire to move to a different supplier.

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