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  • The 7 Essential Tools For Frontend Web Development

    Web improvement devices have made some amazing progress in only a couple of brief years. Because of this advancement, we can tackle the intensity of profoundly tried libraries to improve our work process and advantage from more noteworthy potential...

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  • Are you fond of reading a book? Do you feel tired of carrying your books everywhere you go? If you have a small backpack or find difficult carrying a book but you cannot avoid your interest to read one...

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  • iOS Applications for the Cloud

    a cloud symbol next to an iOS app name, this app has been offloaded to increase storage space on your device. ... However, unlike deleting apps, offloading keeps app data stored on your device...

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  • 10 Reasons Why I prefer Android vs iPhone iOS

    Here are my reasons why I think using an Android device is much better than an iPhone. Once you check out this article I'm pretty sure you will change your mind and probably your phone....

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  • iOS 11 Beta version released for all

    If you are an iOS fan, then, reading this article will make you happy, because Apple has launched its first public beta of the iOS 11 and thus indicated to the beginning of the countdown for a launch of the brand new version of the operating system....

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  • Good News For iOS app developers!!!

    The iOS developers can now deploy and test their applications right from Windows. Are you familiar with Xamarin.iOS? Then I don’t need to tell you that it is a Microsoft propagated tool that allows users to develop iOS applications via C#....

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  • Google Allo Messenger App

    Few months before, a new real-time communication app named Allo was launched by Google. Google’s Allo, while has a clean and extremely easy to use interface, much like WhatsApp, it does have some of new features and add-ons....

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