Mobile App Development – Should You Outsource or Not?

There are some who believe that the development is best done in-house because it can be monitored more closely while others prefer to outsource for superior execution and lower costs.

Why SuiteCRM / Sugar CRM Mobile App is Necessary For Your Business?

Understand the various use cases for suitecrm mobile app and sugarcrm mobile for your business. With the technological trends, it is critical for your business to switch to CRM mobile app and provide secure data integration for access on the go.

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Apple cracks down on OS-level ad blockers

You may find that your iOS app can no longer be updated, if it uses a VPN-based solution to prevent ads being displayed.

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Security features updated by Google while iOS threats outpacing Android

Google has cracked down on security with the launch of Play Protect and other new defense mechanisms while a report has been released which shows iOS malware growth outpacing that of Android.

iOS 11 Beta version released for all

If you are an iOS fan, then, reading this article will make you happy, because Apple has launched its first public beta of the iOS 11 and thus indicated to the beginning of the countdown for a launch of the brand new version of the operating system.


Microsoft Planner Collaboration Tool Launched for Android and iOS

The app is eligible for Office 365 work and school subscription only Planner was launched last year in June It competes with services like Trello and Asana.

Good News For iOS app developers!!!

The iOS developers can now deploy and test their applications right from Windows. Are you familiar with Xamarin.iOS? Then I don’t need to tell you that it is a Microsoft propagated tool that allows users to develop iOS applications via C#.

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Google Photos’ physical photo books can now be designed on Android and iOS

The search giant announced some significant feature additions to Google Photos at its annual I/O developer conference earlier this month. One of these extends to the users the ability to create physical ‘Photo Books’ using their photo gallery.

Google Allo Messenger App

Few months before, a new real-time communication app named Allo was launched by Google. Google’s Allo, while has a clean and extremely easy to use interface, much like WhatsApp, it does have some of new features and add-ons.

Core data and how to use it in iOS Objective C

Core Data is a framework that you use to manage the model layer objects in your application. It is also a persistent technology,

Sample on Hiding Keyboard in iOS

In this article we will learn how to hide the keyboard after finishing the text input.

Accessing Properties of Photo Library using ALAssetsLibrary in iOS-6

In this article we will see how we can access images and videos programmatically using ALAssetsLibrary.

Adding modification functionality in Contact sample

Here we are coding to add functionality in our Contact sample which will behave like our device contact app, if we add, delete or update the person contact in device contact, when we open our contact sample it will also modify according the device.

Sample on Contact-Sync in iOS

Here we will create a sample on device contact syncing with our application using ABAddressBook framework.

Fetching Device Contacts using ABAddressBook framework in iOS

In this article we will learn about the ABAddressBook framework with its important classes and methods that will be used to fetch device contacts with its detailed informations.

Sample on displaying device images into UIViewController in iOS

Here we will fetch device images on another view controller using UIImagePickerController.

Handling Button Clicks Events

Here we will see how to code and handle the UIButton events.

Buttons in iOS

In iOS application development one element is very common that is Button, which is used for generating actions or taking some actions. In iOS for creating buttons provides UIButton class.

Tap Gesture Recognizer in iOS

Here we will learn about UITapGestureRecognizer class, and see how can we it in our iOS applications.

Creating app using UIActionSheet in iOS 6

Here we will learn how to create action sheet using UIActionSheet class in iOS 6.

Implementing Sections in Country List in TableView

Here we will implement Sections with the titles in the Table View, here we will code where we finish our previous project.

Implementing Country List in TableView

In this article we will implement code to display country list in CountryListViewController file.

Implementing UISearchBar in Table View

In this article will implement some more features like- for country list we will use SQLite database and to display country list we will create new View Controllers in this project.

Roles of Main View Controller when using Search Display Controller

Search Display Controller is responsible for displaying searched records that are searched by Search Bar on main view controller.

Creating PageViewController Sample using Storyboard

Creating PageViewController Sample using Storyboard for all the view controller's


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