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Hire PHP Developer

When you’re hiring PHP developers, hire the ones who are hungry for your success. At Infigic, you hire PHP coders who not only love their craft but also excel at it....

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Scratch Coupon- Magento Addon by Knowband

Magento Scratch Coupon Addon by Knowband offers you an interactive way to captivate the customer in your store. To win the discount coupon customer required to scratch the coupon and in return, customer needs to enter the email id....

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Registration in PHP

Create registration.php form. In this a form is made which has method “post” and action attribute which will submit your processing page or as I do it in current page....

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Directory Handling in PHP

In this section we will learn how to handle directories or folder. Following are the topics which we will discuss in this section:...

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Traits in PHP

In real life traits are defined as the movement of characteristics from parent to child .In programming terms, trait is used for code re-usability....

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Overloading and overriding in PHP

Overloading and overriding method is very useful feature of any object oriented programming language. In this section we will discuss how to implement method overloading and overriding in PHP....

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Inheritance in PHP

Inheritance is the one of the most important concept in object oriented programming. Inheritance is used to share properties and method between the related classes....

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Visibility in PHP

In this article we will focus how to deal with Visibility in PHP. Visibility is a big part in OOP. The concept of visibility is the scope of class members....

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Form Handling in PHP

Information sent by the user are visible to everyone (all name and values are displayed in the URL). So, GET method cannot be used to send sensitive information (like password)....

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Loop in PHP

Loop is used when we want to execute a same code for several times. In PHP we have 4 types of loop:...

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PHP Data Types and Decision Making

PHP supports eight data types:Integer,Float,String,Boolean,String,Array ,Float.An integer data types is a non-decimal number between -2,147,483,648 and 2,147,483,648....

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Validations in PHP

Validation is used to check whether user has submitted the input or not. There are two types of validation:...

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How to create Web Service in PHP

Before creating Web Service in PHP first of all I will discuss about what’s Web Service? Web Service is an application that is designed to interact directly with other applications over the internet. That is in simple term...

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