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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Use PHP for A Real Estate Web Portal

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Use PHP for A Real Estate Web Portal

Imenso Software 1330 12-Feb-2022

Building a real estate web portal has become a necessity for property merchants. Many of these agencies are also seeking app development for their company to boost customer view and access. It is needless to say that the real estate industry is among the prime business sectors. Millions of people are involved in this industry, making it a dynamic one. So, a web portal for a realtor agency has to be built accordingly.

Proper programming language for the development of a real estate web portal

When you want to build a real estate web portal for your business, choosing the most suitable programming language for the project is necessary. Veteran Web developers opine that PHP is the ideal programming language for such websites. PHP has been used in innumerable projects globally for nearly two decades and is a reliable and powerful solution for developing various kinds of web portals. The majority of web development companies offer dedicated PHP website development services to customers as per their requirements.

Reasons why PHP is the most suitable for real estate web portal development

Mentioned below are some reasons why developers think that PHP development is ideal for real estate projects:

1.High efficiency

The real estate web portal that you develop must be highly efficient. When PHP is used as a programming language for website creation, the performance of the portal increases manifold. The language is scalable while writing the codes. Real estate portals generally have multiple tabs and subtabs. With PHP, such features can be handled in the best manner.

Another feature that is mandatory in such portals is that of ‘search and filtering.’ Users should be able to find properties by certain criteria, including prices, total area, numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms, location, etc. Suitable algorithms have to be developed, so that accurate and relevant results are shown in the portal. 

2. High loading speed

Websites that take a long time to load repel customers and lose traffic drastically. When compared to others, PHP is a faster programming language. Even with a slow internet speed, PHP applications load easily. For other applications, it takes quite some time to connect to the database and fetch data post-settling queries to the database. There is no such problem with PHP, and such websites load faster. 

Choosing PHP as the language for your real estate web portal is prudent, but it is also recommended to carry out extensive speed optimization. This ensures your website loads fast. With high site loading speed, your traffic receives a boost along with your leads and sales. 

3.Maps and listings

We all know that for any real estate web portal, it is important to have maps and listings. Now the listings have to be fetched from somewhere, and these are mainly done from databases. There should be a listing profile template. Some key elements of the template include description, location, videos, images, area, pricing, etc. Maps and real estate are like a pair. Map APIs are used by real estate portals and apps, and some popular ones include Area API, Google Maps, Mapbox, Yelp Fusion, etc. 

These data get integrated into other functions of the website. PHP is great because it can be connected with a database in a secured way. You can integrate multiple databases with PHP portals, as it is.


When you are hiring a PHP development company for building your real estate web portal, ensure that your data remains secure. Without a reliable security system for your website, there can be chances of data leakage. Sometimes, your competitors can hack confidential and crucial data regarding your business or customers and use it for their needs. 

When you are developing the website using PHP, you need not worry about the security issue. There are built-in tools and features in the PHP framework so that the web applications remain protected from external security threats and other malicious attacks. 

5.Ease of maintenance

A real estate web portal is usually dynamic. There is constant input and output of data in the portal. Therefore to ensure that the website runs in proper condition for a long time, proper maintenance must be done at regular intervals. With the PHP framework, maintenance work becomes a cakewalk. With this framework, web application development becomes easy and convenient, and the code is maintained automatically. PHP frameworks have MVC architecture, and thus the code is easily used and maintained. With MVC architecture, you can segregate a file for a different module separately. 

6.Attractive design for higher leads

With PHP, you can develop an attractive yet simple design for your real estate portal. Gone are the days when websites contained lots of data and looked cramped and stuffed. Nowadays, people prefer a minimalistic approach with basic but well-presented and decipherable information. The UI of the website should have a welcoming look. Another important thing is the website should be easily navigable and consistent. These will help in retaining the attention and interest of the customer, paving the way to lead generation. 

7.Stability and affordability

While developing a real estate web portal, you would want it to be stable. You would also want the website to operate smoothly on all operating systems like Unix, Windows, Linux, etc. When your website runs on PHP, it will run on any platform smoothly. Since PHP integrates easily with other programming languages and databases, there is no need for re-development.

It proves to be wallet-friendly and effort-saving. PHP is one of the most stable languages used in millions of websites across the globe. Therefore, the stability of your real estate portal is guaranteed with PHP. The low cost of PHP web development also attracts small-sized realtor agencies.

Summing it up

Nowadays, there are innumerable companies offering custom PHP development services along with other web development packages. PHP is among the sought-after web programming languages used by developers globally for the many advantages it offers. Use PHP for your real estate portal, and you are sure to understand why it is the best choice of programming language.

Imenso Software is a client focused custom software development company. Whether you need custom web development or an appealing website design, Imenso has the required expertise and experience to do it all.

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