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NHRC Chief Proposes Strict Legislation to Address Illegal Online Activity

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Chair Justice (Retd) Arun Kumar Mishra urged for strict Internet legislation to combat cybercrime on Thursday.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs puts out rules for social media.

The Department of Consumer Affairs issued social media influencer endorsement standards. Guidelines stipulate a 10 lakh rupee fine.

India May Ban News Labeled As Fake By the Government on Social Media

The Indian government banned social media platforms from posting fake content in a proposed IT regulation plan revealed this week.

Twitter back online after global outage hits thousands

The widespread service interruption at Twitter that occurred last week was the platform's first since Elon Musk assumed control.

Musk will leave his position as CEO of Twitter once he finds "someone foolish" to succeed him.

After stepping down as Twitter's CEO, Elon Musk announced through Twitter that he would exclusively oversee the company's server and software teams.

Instagram Launches 'Add Yours' Nominations, Notes, and Candid Stories, Among Other Things

A brand-new feature called collaborative collections, which Instagram says is a new way to interact with friends over common interests, is also being tested.