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Microsoft Continues Job Cuts in Surface, Xbox, and HoloLens

Phil Spencer, CEO of Xbox, wrote staff on Thursday to inform them of the layoffs without specifying which areas of his business were affected.

12,000 jobs will be lost by Google Parent Alphabet

There will be a 6% reduction in Alphabet's global workforce, and this will immediately have an impact on US employees.

Google might fire underperforming employees in 2023 using a performance management system.

According to reports, Google managers have been instructed to label 6% of their workforce as low performers based on how they affect the company.

Companies Use Management Disdain of Elon Musk to Win Over Ex-Twitter Staff.

The widespread disapproval of Elon Musk's Twitter layoffs serves as a reminder of the tremendous demand for highly qualified digital professionals.

Employees at SpaceX who criticised Elon Musk were fired

The fallout from the open letter criticising SpaceX CEO Elon Musk's behaviour in June is described in a complaint to the National Labor Relations Board.