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What Are The Sections To Fill In The Application Of Trademarking A Logo?

Being a new startup, to a trademark or not to trademark, it is all your choice. But if you are planning to expand your business within a few years across the bo

What is a Trademark Logo?

Trademarking a logo is significant because, in certain occurrences, your clients will recognize your image from your logo alone.

How to Trademark Your Brand Name in 3 Simple Steps

Your brand name is a valuable asset and it’s essential to protect it. Luckily we’ve laid. out for you here the 3 simple steps to registering a brand trademark

How Software Can Help Protect Your Trademark From Infringements

Once you've registered your trademark, you have the peace of mind that your brand's assets have legal protection. But the question arises, how you can make sure

Why is Trademark Registration Crucial for any Thriving Business?

Here’s a run-down of why getting your trademark registered is absolutely necessary for your thriving business- especially if we’re considering startup law in the mix.