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What is a Trademark Logo?

What is a Trademark Logo?

james watson 1029 06-Oct-2020

A trademark logo is a plan or image which speaks to a brand or association. The McDonald's® brilliant curves, the Nike® swoosh, and the Apple® 'missing chomp' apple logo are instances of a trademark logo. Much like trademarking your business or association's name and motto, trademarking a logo is basic in securing your licensed innovation.

Trademarking a logo is significant because, in certain occurrences, your clients will recognize your image from your logo alone. Take McDonald's, for instance. On the off chance that the McDonald's brilliant curves were not trademarked, another café could make a comparable yellow curve logo and benefit from potential client disarray – for instance, when clients see the copycat eatery's yellow curves from the roadside and stop there rather than at McDonald's.

Nike® swoosh is another case of the significance of the trademark logo. The Nike® swoosh is recognizable to the point that individuals will realize the item is a Nike item regardless of whether the name 'Nike®' isn't anyplace on the item.

As a trademark legal advisor, my customers' typical inquiry is on the off chance that they can trademark their name and logo under a similar application. Much of the time, I firmly encourage it. If you somehow managed to trademark your logo and name under one application, you would possibly have legitimate rights to the name and logo when they are conjoined in an exact way showing up in your trademark application. Were your business's logo or name to show up all alone in promoting materials, for instance, neither would have security.

For example, we own an organization called 'Enchantment Dust,' which makes a ball. We should likewise envision we have planned a remarkable logo for our organization, which shows up straightforwardly behind the expression 'Enchantment Dust'. By enrolling the logo and the words 'Enchantment Dust' as isolated trademarks, we won't just have legitimate rights to the two trademarks exclusively (which means they can be utilized all alone), yet we will likewise have the option to move our logo around about our business name in any way we please. The ball could be moved side-to-side, above or beneath our name; we'd, in any case, have full legitimate insurance. Once more, if we somehow managed to document one application and register the logo and name together, we would consistently need to utilize them in the specific way they showed up in our trademark application to get assurance.

A good logo can aid in creating brand awareness and recognition in the marketplace. Protecting your logo with a trademark is crucial in maintaining the brand equity it can help to build. Our blog highlights additional tips in trademarking a logo.

Updated 23-Dec-2022
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