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What Are The Sections To Fill In The Application Of Trademarking A Logo?

What Are The Sections To Fill In The Application Of Trademarking A Logo?

Minnie Elkins663 14-Jan-2021

Being a new startup, to a trademark or not to trademark, it is all your choice. But if you are planning to expand your business within a few years across the borderlines or want to reach the international target audience then we recommend you to trademark your logo right now. Also if you think that your industry is highly competitive and you are coming up with a unique idea, design or business then you should file for a trademark just after you are done with the designing of your logo.

But for instance, if you are not sure for the life of your business like you are thinking that if it does not get success then you will divert to another. Then it is not recommended to waste your money and time on the trademarking process. As the first few years consider the most difficult time for any business in terms of financially and another perspective so if you are facing such trauma then no need to hurry, wait until your business gets stable. Also if you planning to redesign your logo and slogan in the next few years then going for trademarking is just wasting of time and money.

Therefore if you are sure of your logo design after adjusting, and done with the trademark logo design search in the market that none of the designs exist in the market that is too close with yours. It is time to apply for a trademark:

Apply For A Trademark With Application Process

Trademark is considered a worthwhile investment to protect your business. When go for filing the trademark you need to expect to pay as little as $199 and it can be more. Indeed applying is a time-consuming process, as it is based on different sections. But if you are well aware and clear

Mindset regarding your business information then you should be able to answer the entire question with ease.

Contact information: in this section, you need to provide all your contact details like phone number, email address, business address, and home address and so on.

Selecting your trademark: there are some kinds of trademark design symbols containing on alphabets of TM. So you are supposed to select your trademark.

Class of goods and services: you are supposed to provide details of the class of goods and services you are offering to your customers.

Description of goods and services: provide a detailed description regarding the goods and services you are providing to your customer including the varieties of your product.

Trademark use status: how frequently you will be using your trademark like you are using for logo design, business tagline, and slogan, and so on.

Owner/applicant information: here the information is required for the owner or applicant regarding their contact details, working background, etc.

Wait For Approval After Submission Of Application

Once you are done with the submission of the trademark application to the USPTO. Your application will be reviewed examined by the trademark examiner. The time your application will take is depending on the pending application in the queue. As in 2016, 7 million applications were filled throughout the globe so it may take up to 5 months to hear back from them in terms of accepted or rejected.

If you get the response in terms of the approval of your application then you will be provided the instruction by USPTO regarding, how to maintain your logo and how to file a complaint if found any misconception. You can get a trademark watch service; it includes monitoring your designs that no one in the world is using them if you are planning to expand your business across international boundaries.

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