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A Big Data Warehouse a Want or a Need

Is ‘a big data warehouse’ just another buzzword for you the role of the big data warehouse in a big data solution and have a look at offer in big data services

Why is Business Intelligence Important For Your Business?

Business Intelligence is an advanced technology that converts raw data into useful insights and workable BI KPIs that help in making business decisions.

How Crucial is Data Science Certification for Your Career Growth?

Data trickles in from every possible route – social media sites, clients’ personal details, preferences among other things – in an organization in every form –

Exploring bitcoins impact on the Fintech business world

Blockchain in today’s world is considered one of the most significant ground-breaking technologies that we’ve seen in the business sector, here's why.

High 10 Executive Information Science Courses In India Ranking 2018

ExcelR’s Data Science curriculum is meticulously designed and delivered matching the industry needs and considered to be the best in the industry.

This Is Your Brain on Why Data Science

Data science is about using data in order to gain new insights that you would otherwise have missed. As an example, using data science, clinics can identify patients who are likely to not show up for an appointment.

A Complete Understanding about the use of Hadoop

When new software comes, then a lot of madness continues after it. This happened with Hadoop, too, and the fever is still on.

How Big Data Impacts SEO

Big data is an umbrella term for all types of data created daily. Big data has already disrupted different industries, providing us with better insights into our markets and helping us make wiser business moves. One of these fields is definitely SEO

YARN the Apache Hadoop Resource Manager

The open source framework is, therefore, free and relies on standard machines to store large amounts of data. Finally, it is possible to adapt the system to support more data by simply adding nodes. The required administration is minimal.