How Big data, ML & AI Helps Ad Agencies Increase Their Revenue?

How Big data, ML & AI Helps Ad Agencies Increase Their Revenue?

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data are turning out to be most exciting technologies for the world. They are offering unexpected benefits as well, and they have a lot of potentials. In fact, AI, ML and Big Data are not only known to enhance the overall quality of operations, but these technologies are rather transforming the way the world operates. And, there is no doubt about the fact that AI is doing much more than just reducing menial tasks.

These technologies are somehow touching every section of the business world, including digital marketing and advertisement. As it is, technology is playing an impactful role in transforming the advertisement and marketing industry, the marketing-technology industry is already huge, somewhere around $34.3 billion dollars, as per one of the reports. And, with AI, ML and Big Data, the use of technology will definitely increase.

AI and ML are the forces to reckon with in the world of advertisement and digital marketing

Digital marketing professionals are empowered by the voluminous amount of data which is collected from a wide range of mediums, like the social media channels, the email marketing campaigns, the Google ads, etc. All this information is then processed by the high-end data analytics tools in order to churn out powerful insights that help the marketers. Though marketers have been using data always, but the new-age big data tools and ML and AI-based solutions have made the process of data analysis more accurate, efficient and quick.

Use of AI, ML and Big Data leads to the conceptualization of more data-driven advertisement and marketing campaigns

Big Data, AI and ML have helped the digital marketers to curate more data-focused marketing strategies. The technologies enable marketing specialists to use the data more accurately. Also, the information generated from the data can be easily integrated in the advertisement or the marketing campaigns. With the help of various high-end AI-based solutions, the marketers are able to make sure that they don’t get lost in the data. As appropriate utilization of the right quantity and quality of data is very important. The data allows the marketers to narrow the gap between the apt and inapt data. AI-based tools help marketers to get the right patterns that will be advantageous for them and their strategies.

AI empowers the advertisement and content marketing initiatives

For a powerful advertisement, content is very important. AI and ML allow the content specialists to track the category of content that the target audience will like. Based on the interest of the audience, creative minds can curate the content of the advertisement. Also, the content can be tweaked or modified for different types of audiences. Thus, the marketers will get a chance to get higher conversation rates, as the target audience will get what they actually want!

AI and ML allow the content marketers to look at the various aspects of marketing from a big-picture lens. The tools powered by AI will not sufficient enough to replace human marketers, but they will definitely empower the marketers to make powerful and better decisions and strategies. With ML and AI, the marketers will be much more aware and educated.

AI and ML allows the ad agencies to curate personalized ads and campaigns

Personalization and customization have become extremely powerful as they reap a lot of benefits. Therefore, the ad agencies and the marketing teams are more focused now on creating personalized advertisement and marketing campaigns. As, they know that ads need to strike a chord with the audience. And, the best way to do so is by making ads that are specifically designed for the target audience. Not just that, AI, ML and Big Data are also empowering the ad agencies to be more creative. As, now, they have the power of data and insights. Thus, they have gotten a direction, all they have to do is, use their creativity and design power-packed ads.

Increasing use of the suggestion engines

The most widely visible use of AI is the development of the recommendation engines. These engines are literally loved by both the marketing and ad professionals as well as the users. A lot of apps and websites are using the recommendation engines to offer suggestions to the users based on their taste. This is done magically by Spotify. Spotify has an inbuilt data-driven engine that first studies your behavior and interest. And, then, based on that, it offers suggestions. This type of discovery aide amid the huge variety of options makes it possible for the companies to offer the aptest suggestions to the users. Now, this is being adopted by ad agencies as well. Even the advertisements are now curated as per the behavior and interest of the target audience. This gives the advertisement agencies an advantage, and they are more hopeful. The ROI seems to increase as well if ads are being suggested based on the browsing history or the interest of the target audience.

The power of sentiment analysis

Many ad agencies are also using sentiment analysis to curate powerful ads and campaigns. With the help of AI and ML, the companies can perform appropriate sentiment analysis based on the relevant data collected. All the social conversations of the target audience can be used for this type of analysis. The insights generated from the analysis help the ad agencies to understand the attitude of the audience towards the business, their product, or the services that they are offering. And, then, the information generated can be used to create ads that can lead to an emotional connection. Companies like Samsung have understood the sentiments of the audience and then tried to use the reports to make strategies to improve the experience of the audience.

Ad agencies are extremely vivacious and competitive. Though, they mostly depend on the creativity of the staff, however, now they have realized that AI, ML and Big Data are empowering them and their staff to enhance the quality of their ads.

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Vaishali Seo

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