With more than 1.5 billion users around the globe, WhatsApp is one of the most loved and preferred apps for communicating with others. WhatsApp Business is set to become the next favorite app for enterprises by helping them connect with users from various parts of the world.
But with WhatsApp commitment to data security, the process of using WhatsApp Business is complex when compared to the regular app. The Business app requires WhatsApp API Integration which enables enterprises to connect their system software and applications, database, and backend to WhatsApp to send and receive messages via a web portal.
 The process is handled by companies that provide the integration services to enterprises along with technical support to ensure that there are no glitches in sending the messages. The companies will assist enterprises in using WhatApp in just a few minutes instead of waiting for weeks to gain access and get the account verified.
The messages will be delivered to users no matter what. If their WhatsApp account is inactive, the message will be rerouted to the user’s phone number via SMS or email or any other communication channel. The single API platform provided by the companies can be used to integrate with more than 30 different communication channels such as Slack, Google, Messenger, etc. apart from SMS and WhatsApp.
Enterprises can use the pre-approved templates to send notifications and informational messages and use the session messages to send freeform messages to users at any time from any location. Freeform messages include messages in any format and can be used for promotional and marketing purposes.
The codes for templates, the video tutorials for using the interface, and an interactive dashboard are provided by the companies to business enterprises. Welcome greetings/ messages, messages about product deliveries, order bookings, transactional messages such as payment initiations, OTP (One Time Password), etc. are sent to users by changing the variables in the pre-approved templates. These messages do not require explicit opt-in permissions from users.
When a customer sends the first message to a business and initiates the conversation, businesses can send freeform messages as replies within the first 24 hours. Post the time duration, they can only send template messages. It is advised that the enterprises use the 24-hour window to resolve the issue, convert the conversation into a transaction, and keep the customer happy and satisfied.
The WhatsApp API Integration provides the following advantages to business enterprises in marketing their brand and improving their customer service.
•    Marketing and Sales Advantages
o    Send promotional messages with images, text, video files, and documents.
o    Enable transactions from within the campaign.
o    Schedule recurring campaigns to send messages to users at a specified time on a set date.
o    Arrange for direct meetings with the sales team and fix appointments.
o    Send personalized messages about products and services in bulk by categorizing users into groups based on purchase history.
o    Send cross-promotional messages to users who buy similar products from other brands.
o    Qualify leads and route them to the sales executive.
o    Allow users to discover new products and services of the business.
o    Provide detailed information about the products they are looking for.
o    Send individual deals and discounts to attract more sales.
o    Send messages that can make users initiate a conversation about a product or service.
•    Customer Service Enhancement
o    Send instant and accurate replies to customers.
o    Engage customers in their preferred channel.
o    Encourage them to make purchases and try new products of the business.
o    Take immediate feedback after an issue is resolved or a purchase has been made.
o    Create and build chatbots to send automated messages and replies to user queries.
o    Answer generic questions, FAQs and ask for more details about a complaint when a customer sends a message.
o    Allow support staff to troubleshoot while the bots take care of responding to user queries.
Customize the assistant by including details about the enterprise such as an address, website, email id, products and services, etc. Gupshup is a global market leader which has enabled famous brands to gain early access to WhatsApp Business. The company has ISO 27001:2013 certification.