Open-cart: How to relate product options (like size and color)?

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Hi Developers,

I'm using opencart version for our website. I need to add more than one option for products. For example: I need to show shirts of sizes- Large/Medium/Small and colors White/Black/Blue/Red/Green etc. By default opencart allows us to add separate quantities for each color and size.

How can I mention that we've 5 Large Shirts of Blue Color, 3 Medium Shirts of White Color etc. ?

Please help. Thanks in Advance!
  1. Re: Open-cart: How to relate product options (like size and color)?

    Hi Marcel,

    I guess this would only be possible if You create an options for size x color combinations only. Customer then would have to pick the desired size and color in one option, like:

    S, black (+ $0.00)     - 3 pieces
    S, green (+ $0.00)     - 1 piece
    M, black (+ $0.00)     - 7 pieces
    M, red (+ $0.00)       - 11 pieces
    M, blue (+ $0.00)      - 2 pieces
    L, black (+ $0.00)     - 1 pieces
    L, black (+ $0.00)     - 2 pieces
    XL, pink (+ $0.00)     - 200 pieces

    I believe this could be hard to maintain but it would much easier and cheaper than implementing such a dependency into OpenCart. But it is a nice idea to think about (maybe Daniel Kerr should more than us...).

    I hope it helpful for you. 


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