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Mark Devid
Mark Devid

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Posted on    May-11-2013 2:22 AM

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Hi Expert!

Hi there I would like to use slideToggle for a drop down the matter I struck ed there was am trying to toggle swap a anchor element's class in the parent div while 

Slidedown .foo class and while slideup .eee class should apply and a likely demo for this question is here

 var id=$(this).attr('id');
 if($(this).is(':visible')){  $("#"+id+" a").addClass("foo"); }

Thanks in advance! 


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Posted on    May-11-2013 9:54 AM

Hi Mark!

Try as following. I hope it is helpful for you

$(".select_type").click(function () {
    var id = $(this).attr('id');
    $("#" + id + "_drop").slideToggle(function () {
       $("#" + id + " a").attr({
            'class': function (_, oldVal) {
                return oldVal === "up_arr" ? "down_arr" : "up_arr"; //Change the class here, based on prev value.

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