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Manoj Bhatt
Manoj Bhatt

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Posted on    May-06-2013 1:52 AM

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Hi Everyone!

I already have a table which consists of data. I need to alter table to add two new columns which are not null. How can I do that without losing any existing data?

Here's what I tried (via right-clicking the table and selecting Design):

Added new columns 'EmpFlag' (bit, null), 'CreatedDate' (datetime, null)

Updated 'EmpFlag' column in the table, to have some valid values. (Just wanted to work on one field, so I didn't update 'CreatedDate' field)

Now right clicked table, design, and made it not null.

When I tried to save, this error message appeared:

Thanks in advance!


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Posted on    May-06-2013 9:00 AM

Hi Manoj!

You just set a default value in the new columns and that will allow you to add them.

alter table table_name
    add column_name datetime not null
       constraint DF_Default_Object_Name default (getdate())
or this one for a varchar field.

alter table table_name
    add column_name varchar(10) not null
       constraint DF_Default_Object_Name default ('A')
You can also drop the default if you do not need it after you added the column.

alter table table_name
    drop constraint DF_Default_Object_Name

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