Having trouble setting a computed column as not Null

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Hi Everyone!

I'm having problems setting a computed column as not null.

What I want to achieve is C001,C002..., etc. and at the same time set it as not null.

I have read on a forum that this can be achieved by using the default value 0 for NULL values.
E.g., ISNULL(Price + Taxes, 0)

I have tried to apply to this formula:

But it didn't seem to work. Can anyone tell me what am I missing?

ALTER CreditCard accountNo AS ISNULL('C'+right('000'+CONVERT([varchar](3),[idCreditCard],(0)),(3)),0)

Advance thanks! 
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    Re: Having trouble setting a computed column as not Null

    Hi Samuel!

    I've finally found the solution to my problem!

    The correct query should be:

    ALTER TABLE CreditCard ADD accountNo AS ISNULL('C'+right('000'+CONVERT([varchar](3),[idCreditCard],(0)),(3)),0)
    Thanks for the help guys!



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