overload views in MVC?

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Hi Everyone!

I want to have links http://localhost:2409/Account/Confirmation/16 and that link http://localhost:2409/Account/Confirmation/ (without parametr).
But with this action methods, it isn't working. Why?

    public ActionResult Confirmation(int id, string hash)
         Some code..

        return View();
second, I just want to return View, if parametr is empty.

    public ActionResult Confirmation()

        return View();
Error (translated):

The current request for action on a controller Confirmation AccountController is ambiguous between the following methods of action:

System.Web.Mvc.ActionResult Confirmation (Int32, System.String) for type TC.Controllers.AccountController System.Web.Mvc.ActionResult Confirmation () for

type TC.Controllers.AccountController

Thanks in advance!

  1. Re: overload views in MVC?

    Hi Jayden!

     You can not create same action name with same http verb(e.g. HttpGet).

     You can overload view as following

            public ActionResult Confirmation(int? id, string hash)
                if (id.HasValue)
                // put here some code
                    return View();

                return View();


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