Should we upgrade to Windows8?

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What you guys thinking? Should we upgrade to Windows 8 OS?
Currently I am using Windows 7..
Let me know your thoughts and suggestions.
  1. Re: Should we upgrade to Windows8?

    Hi Jhon Smith

    Yes of course you should upgrade your windows 7 O.S into Windows 8 below is the reason:

    Windows 8 will make your computer faster

    Windows 8 has a numerous of improvements that will make your laptop or desktop run faster. A comprehensive study by PCMag indicated much faster boot up times, highest benchmark scores, and speedier web browsing. Basically, Windows 8 can make a big difference in the performance department — even on some old PCs.

    Windows 8 apps have a ton of probable

    Albeit it might be good to avoid the Start screen much of the time and work out of the desktop, eventually Windows 8 will have lots of compelling full-screen apps. Some great apps are already in the store, and more will be coming down the pipeline as more people use Windows 8.

    And if you want get more information about the Windows 8 you could read below links:-

    Thank you.

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