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CSS rule 'ruleset'

Posted by  Ankit Singh
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These days I'm working on CSS.
Please help me what is CSS rule 'ruleset'?
  1. Re: CSS rule 'ruleset'

    Hi Ankit Singh,

    There are two type CSS rule

    1. ruleset

    2. at-rule.

    Ruleset identifies selector or selectors and declares style which is to be attached to that selector or selectors. For example P {text-indent: 10pt} is a CSS rule. CSS rulesets consist of two parts: selector, e.g. P and declaration, e.g. {text-indent: 10pt}. P {text-indent: 10pt} - CSS rule (ruleset) {text-indent: 10pt} - CSS declaration text-indent - CSS property 10pt - CSS value.