How to import csv file in php?

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Hello Guys,
I want to import csv file in php but I don't have and idea because I'm naive user for php. So please help me and paste your code snippets too.

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    Re: How to import csv file in php?

    Hi Pravesh,
    To import csv file data, you can use array to store data of file line by line. Check this code snippets...

     $arrResult = array();
    $arrLines = file('MyCSVFile.csv');
    foreach($arrLines as $line) {
    $arrResult[] = explode( ',', $line);

    It might be helpful for you.

      Modified On Mar-29-2018 05:15:12 AM
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    Re: How to import csv file in php?

    Using this CSV Import script You can import data into MYSQL then echo in php.


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