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Excel c# windows form help

Collin Willis148119-Feb-2019

Ok, so I have a very big/complicated question so bear with me. I am writing a software for a company. It is basically going to run as a GUI for their database that is in Excel. I am running into a problem that I personally have no idea how to get around. I have a windows form that has textboxes that the worker will fill out that will form a daily report for the company. I attach a printer of my form below. What I the program to do is, when the person enters the phase number, and then select weld or flange, I need the code to go into my excel spread sheet and pull all of the weld of flange numbers(whichever was selected in the second box) and put them into either an autocomplete or drop down list in the third box. Basically this will dummy proof the companies report making by not allowing room for human error with manual entry. I also attached a picture of my excel database so you can see how it works. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with this.

Excel c# windows form helpExcel c# windows form help

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