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What is the difference between Internet and the Web ??

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    The Internet and Web :

    1.The Internet: 

    it is a global network of smaller networks interconnected using communication protocol.Internet protocol describe a framework known as the Internet. This model divides methods into a layered system of protocols. 

    These layers are as follows: 

    Application layer– URL, HTTP, HTTPS. 

    Transport layer

    Network layer– provides data route.

    Provides a variety of information and communication facilities; contains forums, databases, email, hypertext etc. private,public,academic,business,government networks of local to global scope linked by wireless and optical networking technologies. 

    * Internet is the library and web a collection of books.The internet also consists of databases, email, forums,etc.  

    2.The World Wide Web: 

    The web is a subset of the internet.It’s a system of Internet servers that support specially formatted documents. The documents are formatted in a markup language called HTML (that supports links, multimedia, etc). These documents are interlinked using hypertext links and are accessible via the Internet. 

    To link hypertext to the Internet, we need: 

    -The markup language, i.e., HTML. 

    -The transfer protocol, e.g., HTTP.

    -Uniform Resource Locator (URL), the address of the resource.

    Web is a subset of the internet. he web is a large portion of the internet but it isn’t all of it.

    The Web is accessing information over medium of the Internet. Web is a collection of internet  servers host HTML documents. A collection of pages of information connected to each other around the  globe. Each page is combination of text and multimedia. 


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